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O'Keefe & Partners Direct Mail Tips - Advertorial

12 May 2003 at 1:05 pm
Staff Reporter
O’Keefe & Partners senior management team have just completed the second in a series of seminars aimed at the Not for Profit sector.

Staff Reporter | 12 May 2003 at 1:05 pm


O'Keefe & Partners Direct Mail Tips - Advertorial
12 May 2003 at 1:05 pm

O’Keefe & Partners senior management team have just completed the second in a series of seminars aimed at the Not for Profit sector.

With a combined experience of more than 40 years, Brian O’Keefe, Managing Director and Julie Clements, Managing Partner O’Keefe & Partners, have taken their knowledge, expertise and sound advice on the road – receiving some excellent feedback and gaining a deeper insight into what charities today are facing.

And one of the greatest challenges facing NFPs today is the urgent and ongoing need to maintain, increase and widen their supporter base. So with tax time fast approaching it may be time to consider one of the oldest, yet most successful (if done right) marketing tools in the book – a direct mail campaign.

“Many of our clients come to us disappointed with the results they are receiving from their direct mail campaigns,” said Julie Clements, Managing Partner, O’Keefe & Partners.

“They (clients) become dispassionate about direct mail, not wanting to try again, convinced that there is just too much ‘direct mail’ competition.”

O’Keefe & Partners advice is – try again!

It is true; mailboxes around Australia are becoming increasingly cluttered with appeals from NFPs, all vying for the same dollar.

So what makes a good direct mail campaign? And what motivates an individual to respond to one organisation over another?

There is no one reason. Database and list strategy, the offer, creative, timing, prior relationship, reputation and the marketing environment all have some degree of impact on the success of a campaign. O’Keefe & Partners says the good news is the majority of these elements are controllable by your organisation.

Here are a few refresher points for getting the most out of your next appeal.

1. Write your objectives first
Objectives provide the strategic direction of your campaign and keep you focused.

Your objectives should include both communications and marketing objectives – ensure they are specific and considerate of internal and external factors that may impact your appeal at this time.

When articulated correctly these will provide the basis of your reporting and analysis mechanisms.

2. The Offer
Your offer is the sum total of all appeal elements.

Donors don’t support organisations – they support causes.

What are you offering supporters? What need does your organisation satisfy – a need to feed, clothe, empower, protect, find a cure, educate, advocate…these are the calls to action individuals respond to.

This thinking should not be restricted to your creative package.

What are you asking for? A one-off donation; subscription; volunteer time; sponsorship or a pledged gift?

3. Lists
We all know we should segment our database prior to mailing. However, ensure your segmentation bases are relevant to your organisation.

When evaluating lists check for deliverability, consult others on their experiences with lists. Ensure you are receiving value for money; seek guarantees as to the integrity of the list.

4. The Creative and Pack elements
Be true to your organisation and consider your appeal when preparing creative and create a sense of urgency.

Think emotive, not outrageous. Remember information and communication bring about participation. Involve the prospect. Consider interactive elements.

5. Timing
The old adage rings true – timing is everything. Consider the benefits of pulsing versus a blanket drop. Consult market intelligence on competitor activity both for your initial and follow up offers.

Also preset protocol for prompt gift acknowledgement and processing.

6. Analysis
Analyse and respond, to address your objectives.

7. Get Help

With more than 20 years experience in the not-for-profit sector, O’Keefe & Partners has produced more than eight million direct mail pieces.

“O’Keefe & Partners has a team of marketing and PR professionals with the creative flair to handle even the toughest of challenges,” Julie Clements says.

To find out more about how O’Keefe & Partners can assist with your next direct mail appeal call their team of direct marketing experts for a confidential discussion on 1800 240 127 (Australia) or 1800 240 128 (New Zealand).


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