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Dining Out Street Smart Campaign - Update

13 April 2004 at 1:04 pm
Staff Reporter
A campaign to raise funds from those who enjoy dining out has had its just deserts… and announced the rewards for those in need.

Staff Reporter | 13 April 2004 at 1:04 pm


Dining Out Street Smart Campaign - Update
13 April 2004 at 1:04 pm

A campaign to raise funds from those who enjoy dining out has had its just deserts… and announced the rewards for those in need.

In November and December last year some 15,000 diners across Melbourne helped raise a total of $16,573.90 .

The campaign is called Be StreetSmart.

StreetSmart is a fundraising campaign that gives restaurant goers the opportunity to provide funds for organisations assisting the homeless.

Every time a diner eats at a StreetSmart restaurant they have the option of donating $1.

StreetSmart Australia’s aim was to fund all its administrative expenses through sponsorship. In 2003 was able to meet this aim through the support of private sponsors and corporate partners who have provided their services free of charge.

StreetSmart Australia, in consultation with its Advisory Committee and the wider community, is now distributing all donations from the campaign to charities and Not for Profit organisations that support the homeless.

These charities and organisations may provide accommodation, meals, clothes, counselling, employment services or emergency assistance.

StreetSmart Australia says it has particularly focused on smaller grassroots organisations and projects that traditionally struggle to find financial support, but which provide critical support to those on the community fringe.

The StreetSmart concept comes from the UK and was launched in London in 1998 by William Sieghart, Chairman of Forward Ltd. and Mary-Lou Sturridge, Director of the Groucho Club.

They realised that, in the months leading up to Christmas, many people go out to restaurants to celebrate the season. They decided it would be a great idea to harness that good cheer to raise money for the homeless.

In 2002 over 300 restaurants from across the UK took part, and since StreetSmart began over one million pounds have been raised.

StreetSmart Australia’s Director, Adam Robinson says the Melbourne campaign was a great effort from all and a firm platform to build on.

The first round of grants has just been announced as follows:

Stopover Youth Refuge – $4000
Stopover provides both a crisis refuge and a youth housing/outreach program in inner urban Melbourne. This grant will support the “Living Care Package” funding bedding, medication, food, toiletries and travel for the young people at the refuge. The grant will also support young people in participating in community activities such as sport, art or social clubs through funding joining fees, uniforms or equipment.

Family Access Network – $4000
FAM is a community based program providing services to homeless and at risk young people and families since 1981. This grant will help fund additional support to clients through the provision of food parcels, material aid assistance, child support needs, clothing, education costs, employment costs, travel costs and health or dental requirements.

Open Family Australia – $4000
Open Family work to improve the well-being and self-worth of alienated and excluded street children. This grant will help support the Back To School Program in Footscray providing textbooks, stationery, and other educational needs to homeless young people who would otherwise be excluded from the school system.

One Umbrella – $2286.95
One Umbrella rescues unwanted food and turns it into meals for the needy. These meals are cooked by volunteers with care and attention to nutritional value. They will produce over 150,000 meals in 2004 and provide this food free of charge to 20 community agencies around Melbourne. This grant will be used to fund the processing kitchen at Hanover Crisis Centre where meals are prepared.

The Matthew Talbot Soup Van – $2286.95
The Matthew Talbot Soup Van is run by volunteers, providing 500 meals and many great friendships to the homeless, disadvantaged and those at risk in the inner city areas of Melbourne, seven nights a week. This grant will provide 8000 meals and about 1000 hours of conversation between volunteers and people on the street.

Footnote: Due to the very positive response to the first campaign the Board of StreetSmart Australia has decided to expand the Melbourne StreetSmart campaign in 2004 to include the CBD, inner and outer suburbs and out into surrounding areas such as the Mornington and Yarra Valley Wineries.

For more information check out the web site at

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