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Community Alliance – Advertorial

Monday, 19th July 2004 at 1:07 pm
Staff Reporter
Communities can now tap an untouched source of funds and have these funds donated to the charity of their choice simply by doing what they normally do – and it won’t cost them a cent.

Monday, 19th July 2004
at 1:07 pm
Staff Reporter



Community Alliance – Advertorial
Monday, 19th July 2004 at 1:07 pm

Communities can now tap an untouched source of funds and have these funds donated to the charity of their choice simply by doing what they normally do – and it won’t cost them a cent.

Imagine being able to direct Community Alliance to donate a portion of their commission to the charity of your choice every time you apply for a home loan or re-finance your existing loan – or for that matter any loan you may looking for!

When your organisation’s members and supporters apply for finance through Community Alliance their nominated organisation will directly receive an up-front commission payment.

This has been made possible through Community Alliance utilising a network of mortgage consultants Australia wide specifically to enhance the fundraising endeavours of active community groups. This venture is supported by strong relationships with financial providers with access to over 50 lenders and more than 300 loan products.

Only Community Alliance can give you the opportunity to reach your members, supporters and potential centres of influence in this new and financially rewarding way.

Financing through Community Alliance enables your organisation to receive the flow of a percentage of funds typically retained by banks, or offset to mortgage brokers.

No one pays more by using Community Alliance – they simply share a reward! Most importantly, financing through Community Alliance gives you the same pricing as local banks and other lenders – but with the additional reward for your charity!

With the Community Alliance Partnership Program your Not for Profit organisation will see the benefits of:

– Sustainable financial rewards through the generation of up front and ongoing commissions
– Passive fundraising
– Enhanced relationships with your supporter or member base through optional badging of lending products with your group’s logo
– Renewal commissions through formalising a partnership agreement with Community Alliance

Your organisation can reap all these benefits simply by your members doing what they normally do – financing their loans through Community Alliance – and telling us where to send their portion of the commission.

Added bonus for small groups
Community Alliance is a proud supporter of Not for Profit organisations of all sizes, ranging from Diabetes Australia – Victoria, to the local Ballarat Football Club.

Not only has Community Alliance developed an exciting new concept in fundraising for organisations of all sizes – but they also see the need for small groups to have a facility to easily distribute information or services to their members.

Through the Community Alliance 3rd Tier Partnership Program they are offering a service to small groups who do not have their own website. They are donating a one-page website to each group for their members’ use. This one page website can be used to update information about their group on a monthly basis – information about meeting times and venues, news and advertisements relevant to their members.

The members of each group will be able to access this information online simply by going into the Community Alliance website, opening the ‘supported organisations” page, selecting ‘3rd Tier Organisations’, and then their group’s name.

Community Alliance’s unique fundraising and partnership services will provide a much needed boost to smaller Not for Profit groups who do not have the resources necessary to compete alongside larger organisations for positive exposure.

For more information on Community Alliance go to or send an email to


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