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Recruiting Young Regular Donors – Advertorial

Monday, 16th August 2004 at 1:08 pm
Staff Reporter
New research by fundraising experts Good Cause reveals that monthly donors recruited through face-to-face prospecting are young, well-off professionals who are upwardly mobile.

Monday, 16th August 2004
at 1:08 pm
Staff Reporter



Recruiting Young Regular Donors – Advertorial
Monday, 16th August 2004 at 1:08 pm

New research by fundraising experts Good Cause reveals that monthly donors recruited through face-to-face prospecting are young, well-off professionals who are upwardly mobile.

These young donors are very important for charities, says Dr Stuart McGill CFRE, of Good Cause because they will live a long life, and on average, they will get richer as they progress through their career.

The demographic research of face-to-face monthly donors is also consistent with phone research done by Good Cause.

It showed that:

– 70% were under 35 years old
– 89% were under 45 yrs old
– 55% were female
– 40% categorised themselves as professionals
– 22% were office/clerical workers
– 15% were either senior management or a company director.

Dr McGill says that around the world, charities have found that these face-to-face donors can be involved in some charity events, and they have a high return on investment as monthly donors, but they are unresponsive to other recruitment channels.

He says that in broad terms, there are three groups of charity donors – those that respond to mail, phone and face-to-face. There is some overlap, but not a lot, and many members of each group tend to dislike being solicited through the other channels.

Most importantly, face-to-face donors are younger (under 50 years), while mail donors are mostly 50 years plus.

Dr. McGill says it is the most important development in charity fundraising since the computer era made direct mail fundraising more available in the early 1980s.

Good Cause does face-to-face recruitment of monthly donors, helping its exclusively charity clients build a better world. Dr McGill managed all of Greenpeace Australia’s person-to-person donor recruitment in the early 90’s.

He points out that fundraisers have always done face-to-face. It’s the oldest fundraising technique. It’s just that electronic funds transfer has now made it work on a large scale.

Face-to-face fundraising also draws its power from its combination with monthly giving. The key advantages of monthly giving are that it:
– increases the average gift (vis-à-vis one-off gifts)
– increases donor retention and loyalty (due to automatic monthly deductions)
– leads to a predictable and secure income
– has low administration and servicing cost
– leads to compound growth in income, and
– over time, many donors can be upgraded into higher gifts.

These benefits are combined with the particular advantages of face-to-face such as:
– fast growth of donors and income – limited only by the level of investment
– you don’t run out of mail-able lists
– you reach people under 45 who don’t otherwise contribute
– you pay only per successful donor recruited, and don’t bear the recruitment risk.

For these reasons, charities in all sectors – health, social, community and international – are finding the face-to-face recruitment of monthly donors to be one of the biggest fundraising opportunities in this era.

Good Cause recruits monthly donors for your charity, using a well-trained team of “Advocates” who talk with members of the public on your behalf at work places, shopping malls, popular streets, door-to-door, or at private venues.

Good Cause maximises your donor retention, gets you the number of donors you want, and helps you reach a well-off young audience committed to charities.

You’re secure with established fundraising professionals who protect your brand with a quality presentation, follow fundraising ethics, and show you your results with insightful reports and analysis.

For more information call Bev Brock on +61 2 8755 1620 or email .

Or check out the website at

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