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Push To Advance Philanthropy

Monday, 13th September 2004 at 1:09 pm
Staff Reporter
When Prime Minister Howard called on the Not for Profit sector to recommend ways to increase philanthropy in Australia last year the response was strong with some 160 submissions.

Monday, 13th September 2004
at 1:09 pm
Staff Reporter



Push To Advance Philanthropy
Monday, 13th September 2004 at 1:09 pm

When Prime Minister Howard called on the Not for Profit sector to recommend ways to increase philanthropy in Australia last year the response was strong with some 160 submissions.

The PM’s Community Business Partnership called for submissions on measures to encourage greater levels of giving in Australia.

It sought specific submissions on measures that could facilitate increased philanthropy in the area of innovation in industry and business.

Here’s a breakdown of the 160 submissions received from across the country:

– Victoria (39%)
– New South Wales (37%)
– Queensland (12%)
– Western Australia (5%)
– South Australia and Tasmania (3% each)
– Australian Capital Territory (1%)

The Partnership says individuals or organisations in metropolitan areas made 85% of submissions, and 15% of submissions were from rural or regional areas.

The general submissions broadly related to:

The removal of barriers to the establishment of community foundations
publicity campaign/raising awareness of existing measures and the benefits of a philanthropic culture

The establishment of an independent entity to administer the Not for Profit sector incorporating philanthropy programs into school curricula

Facilitating share gifting and matching services

Encouraging workplace giving and volunteering
Tax deductibility for membership/ donation packages and gift/purchase transactions

Schemes to enable donations at point of sale/bill paying/ Internet/mobile phone and SMS

The removal of drafting errors/barriers in the tax law

Tax deductibility for various new types of gifts

Encouraging corporate social responsibility

Building the capacity of the sector

Encouraging greater Not for Profit transparency and accountability

Developing Awards programs

Clarification of charitable remainder trust operation

The establishment of specific foundations

Some 20 submissions related to innovation. Themes across these submissions included:

Enhanced or more clearly defined tax deductibility to encourage businesses and individuals to support innovation or related areas.

Better linkages and information flows between ideas/innovators and business, etc (eg through websites).

More support and information for potential innovators and in particular enhanced training in management for scientists etc.

Cultural change towards greater support for philanthropy and/or innovation/creativity particularly in education, in institutional arrangements and in curriculums.

Greater transparency and information flows in philanthropic/charitable organisations.

The partnership says a large number of submissions suggested measures that already exist, for example, encouraging corporate social responsibility, encouraging volunteering, and matching programs.

It says this highlights the need for a public awareness campaign on all philanthropic measures, including tax initiatives. Several submissions also recommended specific strategies for a promotional campaign to communicate both existing mechanisms as well as the benefits of giving.

It says that where appropriate, these ideas will be incorporated into the Partnership’s broader communication strategy on philanthropy.

Many ideas related more to the encouragement of innovation and commercialisation of inventions than to mechanisms to drive greater philanthropy for innovation. These ideas were therefore considered to be more appropriate for consideration by the relevant Australian Government portfolios in the development of longer term science and innovation policy.


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