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Prowess Development: Software Solutions for NFPs – Advertorial

Monday, 24th September 2007 at 4:13 pm
Staff Reporter
Prowess Development provides cost effective business intelligence solutions and web applications for organisations with 10 - 500 people.

Monday, 24th September 2007
at 4:13 pm
Staff Reporter



Prowess Development: Software Solutions for NFPs – Advertorial
Monday, 24th September 2007 at 4:13 pm

Prowess Development provides cost effective business intelligence solutions and web applications for organisations with 10 – 500 people.

They specialize in providing BI solutions in to clients throughout Australia. Their customers represent a diverse range of sectors including corporate, government, education, health and Not for Profit organisations.

Prowess Development is a Microsoft Certified Partner and has over 15 years experience in business intelligence systems and custom applications. They work exclusively in the latest Microsoft technologies including .NET & SQL with consultants all trained and accredited Microsoft Certified Professionals.

Prowess Directors Andrew Jones & David Young are both electrical engineers with tertiary business qualifications and over 35 combined years of technology design, project delivery and management experience building the platform for Prowess to deliver on a wide range of projects.

Recently Prowess worked with the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation to improve their client services.

The Problem: Slow, Old Dos-Based System
"We were using an old DOS-based system to keep track of financial assistance that was only accessible on two computers," says Bev Lange, Chief Executive Officer of the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation. The system often broke down, and it was slow and arduous to update.

The Need: Improved Client Service
"We wanted a new client-database that dealt with financial assistance. We wanted to improve the process and manage it better." As it was, there was no easy way to keep track of the cheques that had been sent, and the cheques needed to be sent. "Clients often called in distress, wanting to know when their payment would arrive," says Bev. "It took time to find out the answer and it was stressful for everyone," she says. Prowess spent time listening to the procedures and problems that BGF had.

The Process: Prowess Understood All Requirements
"We had collective meetings with Prowess and our client-services department," says Bev. Prowess asked questions about how client-services reported on their clients, what type of information they gathered, and which information was the most important. "They made the product so much better than we ever thought possible." They paid attention to all of our business processes and practices and in the end they have produced an incredibly good client-management database, that we call Galaxy," says Bev.

The Solution: A New System that is "Second-to-None"
"The efficiency of Galaxy is second-to-none. We save substantial money and time now that we have the new system installed," she says. Plus, clients automatically receive a SMS or an email letting them know their bill has been paid, so no more undue stress is caused. "We are much more accurately able to sort through the financial payments, understand the previous years, see the trends and make comparisons, which is hugely beneficial to the financial side of our business," says Bev.

To find out how your organization could benefit from working with Prowess Development please contact David Young, Business Development Director at;

L1, 1 Wharf Road, Gladesville NSW 2111 Australia
Phone: +61 2 9879 4468
Fax: +61 2 9879 5778
Website: www.prowessdev.com
Email: enquiries@prowessdev.com


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