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  • viorica Neacsu says:

    I am a Women’s Wellbeing officer at the Western Suburbs Indigenous Gathering Place. I came across the Woolworths Community grants on google and I just wanted to double check if it’s suitable for our organisation to apply for the grant before submitting it.

    Some clients that we deal with are parents that are dis advantiged finacialy and need assistance with their grocery shopping at Woolworths market for thier kids and family.

    I have dealt with the young youth that fall under this situation and I want to know if this grant can help or organisation with this grant to provide our clients with support for thier family?

    Many Thanks
    Viorica Neacsu

  • Gay Povey says:

    We are a local tennis club who needs to upgrade our lighting to ensure the continuation and advancement of our juniors. Is this something you would consider helping to fund

  • Pearl Sandy says:

    Do you help with donations to a Aboriginal Womens Softball team who would like to participate in a carnival at Redcliffe 2016 QLD.

  • A Geelong school says:

    Hi, I run a program at a Geelong school targeting students that are a retention risk. This full day program runs multiple groups each weed and breakfast and lunch is required for the students. Is this something Woolworths can help with? A gift card would be perfect.

  • Kym Cook says:

    Hi! My name is Kym Cook and I am Co-Director at Swallow Street Child Care Centre & Kindergarten at Inala, Brisbane & Social Worker for the local community based there. Also I am a member of the Inala Collective Action Group which is a local network group that focuses on Early Childhood Education and is run by C & K and Mission Australia in partnership. Note that our Child Care Centre, C & K and Mission Australia are all non-profit community organisations here to serve the needs of the community and provide high quality early childhood education services. Our Inala Collective Action Group holds a Starting School Adventure Day annually which supports 4 and 5 year old children to transition smoothly to Prep/School. It is an entirely free day of information stalls, fun activities eg preparing & tasting healthy food, dressing up in school uniforms; pre-literacy & pre-numeracy through story telling & singing, soccer; performances such as cultural dances, interactive drama; food and resources (including a Starting School Pack of info leaflets, books, games) for children going to Prep the next year and their families. This year it will be held on Saturday 15 June. We are looking for donations for our Starting School Pack ie 50 lunch boxes, 50 drink bottles, 50 pencil cases. In previous years the Brisbane City Council Library Service provided some resources for this pack but are not able to do so this year. If Woolworths is able to donate any of these items for our Starting School Packs or fund us to purchase any of these items then it would be greatly appreciated!! Note also that Swallow Street Child Care Centre has been purchasing all of our groceries to provide lunch & afternoon tea daily for our children and Educators online from Woolworths for many years. Is there someone specific that I can contact via email about asking for these donations? Thank-you!

  • Randall Warkill says:

    We’re a non for profit community association (Rockhampton Australian South Sea Island Community Association Inc) we have a sausage sizzler every week selling burgers and sausage on bread as a way to fund raise for our association. Could Rockhampton Woolworths help with in-kind support of bread and buns every week. We would gladly advertise your support at all of our events and fundraisers should this be possible .

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