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eftpos Ups the Ante – a $2 million Give-Away to an Aussie Charity

Thursday, 1st August 2013 at 11:03 am
Staff Reporter
eftpos Australia wants to give away $2 million dollars to an Australian charity - double last year’s $1million Giveback campaign.

Thursday, 1st August 2013
at 11:03 am
Staff Reporter



eftpos Ups the Ante – a $2 million Give-Away to an Aussie Charity
Thursday, 1st August 2013 at 11:03 am

Electronic funds transfer system company, eftpos Australia wants to donate $2 million dollars to charity – doubling last year’s donation – and it will again ask Australians for their opinion about which worthy cause should get the money.

Initially, Australian charities are being asked to submit proposals for the expanded eftpos Giveback 2013 campaign before the August 30th deadline.

eftpos said it would look to double the donation available to Australian charities under the 2013 eftpos Giveback campaign this Christmas, providing up to $2 million towards worthy causes.

eftpos Managing Director Bruce Mansfield kicked off the 2013 Giveback campaign by calling on Australia’s charities to submit proposals about how they would use a donation to help Australians in need.

eftpos says it is looking for charity proposals that have national reach, would enabled the charity to do something that it would not be able to do through traditional funding sources, and would not require recurrent annual funding.

“eftpos Giveback tradition is now in its third year and we have decided to double the potential donation up to $2 million,” Mansfield said.

“It is very important for Australian companies like eftpos to get involved with charitable campaigns, and raise their commitment to helping Australian charities make a difference in the lives of Australians in need.

It’s understood that eftpos may consider dividing the $2million donation with a second or third charity depending on the quality of their applications.

“This year’s Giveback campaign will run in the lead up to Christmas, during which time Australians will be asked to support Australian charities by pressing CHQ or SAV at the checkout.”

Last year eftpos ran an online poll which showed overwhelming community support for eftpos to direct the Giveback donation towards a charity that assisted people with disabilities. 

Of the more than 40,000 Australians who voted in the poll, 30% indicated their support for disability charities.

As a result eftpos Giveback donated $1 million to Vision Australia to build a new, world-class Seeing Eye Dog breeding and training centre in Melbourne. In 2011, $1 million was donated to The Salvos for a number of community programs across Australia. 

Mansfield said submissions for Giveback 2013 would close on 30 August 2013, at which time eftpos may ask the Australian community to nominate which causes were top of mind this year.

For more information about the submission process, charities should visit or email Warwick Ponder at


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One Comment

  • Anonymous Anonymous says:

    I understand large corporate bodies wanting their philanthropy to have a major impact with a national focus – but I would really like to see some support for smaller local charities too!

    While fundraising has never been “easy” – a strong case for support is essential! – it is often difficult for small bodies based in one area, without strong national branding, to find corporate support in the form of grants or philanthropy. Most of the grants advertised seem to be only for national organisations, or for bodies with new and innovative projects that may solve problems. A localised health care provider – for example – may just need funds to help purchase new items of medical or surgical equipment; it’s a verifiable and neccessary project, but not new – and not national.

    Smaller charitable organisations, with no government funding, still have a need that corporates can meet.

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