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Media Key - Results, Experience, Dedication and Passion

7 December 2017 at 8:10 am
PR firm that specialises in working with not for profits urges more NFPs to reach out – the highly experienced firm wants to help NFPs get a bigger profile.

Contributor | 7 December 2017 at 8:10 am


Media Key - Results, Experience, Dedication and Passion
7 December 2017 at 8:10 am

PR firm that specialises in working with not for profits urges more NFPs to reach out – the highly experienced firm wants to help NFPs get a bigger profile.

One of Australia’s most experienced and fastest moving PR firms – Media Key – is urging not for profits who want to get a bigger media profile to get in touch.

Media Key – which has over 25 years of experience working with not for profits – says it is keen to do more work with what it calls “a critical sector” of society.

The national firm (based out of Melbourne) works with many not for profits including doing all the PR work with Tim Costello, David Crosbie and the Community Council for Australia, Royal Life Saving and The Salvation Army (Media Key has worked on the past 15 massive Red Shield Appeal initiatives).

Over the years the organisation has worked with a massive array of NFPs including Orygen and Pat McGorry, Landcare Australia, Able Australia, WHO’s, the Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council, The Consumers Health Forum and countless others.

Media Key’s Ross Woodward says many PR firms simply don’t realise just how vital Australia’s massive NFP sector is.

David Crosbie – who heads the Community Council for Australia which represents a massive range of NFPs – said: “In every instance where I have worked with Media Key, they have far exceeded initial expectations of media coverage. There have been occasions when Ross has been able to generate more than 65 media interviews across a 48 hour period covering key media outlets.”

Ross Woodward said: “Put simply, we have learnt that the NFP sector is very much where our heart and soul lies.  It is just so rewarding to work with powerful causes that are out there making a difference.  Now, we want to help more NFPs get their vital messages across.”

“What makes us different in our industry is that we know how to package material is an honest to-the-point style that yields big results. Our focus is always the results.  We are known for being straight shooters in an industry where sometimes there is too much waffle and spin.”

Media Key PR CEO Ross Woodward – a former BBC and ABC journalist (with the equivalent of a Master’s Degree in Journalism) – said he has a number of key tips for NFPs wanting more media exposure. Firstly don’t try to “snow” journalists with waffle or spin. He says media expect to be told how it is – and are under more and more pressure to deliver stories.

He says media follow up is always critical as too many firms issue material without all the necessary follow up. Ross says it’s vital to be persistent when seeking coverage – and to keep on the case when trying to reach busy journalists who have many stories that they are considering. He says it is really important to get journalists’ attention and says a simple phone call can make a world of difference.  He highlights the pressure on journalists has never been greater.

“Engaging with journalists and finding out what they really need makes all the difference,” Ross said.  

“Keeping stories simple and to the point is also critical at a time when media have so little time to read stories sent to them. We always summarise all our stories in a major easy to read heading so if journos are up against the clock, they can get the key facts in one bite size heading.”

Ross added that it was vital that people who front stories are strong “ talent” – and are fully briefed not just on what they want to say in terms of key points, but also are very clear on what may be asked of them.

Ross Woodward said: “Being flexible is also vital for success. You have to be available when media want you – not just when you want the coverage.” He also highlights it’s vital to give media key tools that they will need to organise a story – such as plenty of thoughtfully chosen overlay vision for TV crews when they are wanting to illustrate a piece.

“Good pictures always help sell a story in a huge way. You really need to think through what the best pictures will be to go with your issue,” he said.

“It’s also vital to consider what kind of angle will best serve the story – and interest media who always want to know what is in it for me?  We work hard on getting practical angles to stories that work well for both the client and the media. Then… it’s obviously a win win for all concerned.”

Carol Bennett the former head of the Consumers Health Forum said: “Ross and his team delivered the most impressive outcome for us. In one 24 hour period I did 10 TV interviews, 20 radio interviews and significant coverage on the national press.”   

Able Australia’s Scott Darkin said: “Media Key has achieved excellent results.  We’ve had record coverage… Ross’s team generated quality nationwide coverage which we would otherwise not be able to achieve.”

Professor Nick Crofts of the Nossal Institute for Global Health said: “Media Key’s hallmark is their persistence and getting the groundwork right. Ross Woodward and Media Key stand head and shoulders above every other firm I have worked with. He’s hugely focused and attentive.”

Ross Woodward added: “We just ask NFPs to consider picking up the phone and having a chat with us.  We successfully work with all kinds of budgets. Our motivation is making the difference. That’s what we want to do.

“People may be very surprised at just how far we can stretch their dollars. We specialise in high impact campaigns that get noticed in a big way. We are genuinely motivated by wanting to make a difference. It is our calling.”

To see more (including many case studies) just visit or call Ross Woodward on 0409 420 112 (24 hours).


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