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Donation Point Tap Wins 2018 ABA100 Awards for Product Excellence and Product Innovation

7 August 2018 at 7:30 am
Donation Point Tap is changing the way organisations accept donations and is giving people more flexibility to make a donation.

Contributor | 7 August 2018 at 7:30 am


Donation Point Tap Wins 2018 ABA100 Awards for Product Excellence and Product Innovation
7 August 2018 at 7:30 am

Donation Point Tap is changing the way organisations accept donations and is giving people more flexibility to make a donation.

Developed by Quest Payment Systems in Melbourne, Donation Point Tap, the product that has revolutionised the way that charities and not for profits collect impulse donations, has won the ABA100 2018 awards for both Product Innovation and Product Excellence.

Jan Mason CEO of Quest Payment Systems said: “I am very pleased to accept the award on behalf of the entire company. Quest as a payment technology company has utilised the expertise we have developed in the contactless space for retailers, to create a product that has been embraced by both charities and not-for-profit organisations.”

Jan went on to say, “I had a vision and the team of very talented and creative people at Quest made it a reality and I couldn’t be prouder of the product or the people who have created it. We are very happy to be making a difference.”

Donation Point TapDonation Point Tap devices are “purpose built”, displaying a single amount and are activated by the tap of a card, phone or watch. Simple, easy to install and easy to manage, it is changing the way organisations now accept donations as well as giving people more flexibility to make a donation.

Today’s generation of socially aware individuals are looking for ways to consciously give, however with the ever-increasing move to a cashless society they are finding this increasingly difficult as they no longer carry cash. Donation Point Tap is now allowing people to make “impulse” donations in the same way they used to put the small change in coin donation tins on retails counters.

This easy to use product is also increasing the donation amounts being realised by organisations as the total donated amounts are deposited directly into the organisations bank account every evening. This process means there is no need to engage a third party to collect, count and deposit the money from the traditional coin tins.

Another great feature of the product is that Quest also provides an online portal that provides detailed reporting and allows Donation Point Tap terminals to be monitored in real time. An organisation can see which terminals are processing and the reporting enables the reconciliation of taps to deposits.

The portal also provides the ability to change the static amount appearing on the terminal. Depending on the event or the situation the Donation Point Tap can be set up for an amount from $1 to $99. The system also has the ability to have all terminals set to the one amount or if there are a number of terminals in the fleet, each terminal can be set with a different amount, a very powerful feature.

Donation Point Tap also addresses the issue of security. News stories tell of retailers being attacked and coin tins being stolen with the result of these incidents, in some cases, leading to severe injury. The removal of cash removes the problem.

Donation Point Tap is now being widely used in both Australia and New Zealand by charities as well as other organisations who rely on the community for financial support such as hospitals, museums and libraries.

“To support this new way of giving, we encourage everyone who sees a Donation Point Tap to tap, knowing that donations are going directly to the organisation” Jan said.

With the continuous decline of “cash” in the market, Donation Point Tap is a well-designed, well thought out product that provides a cost effective way for charities and not for profits to not only remove the cost of dealing with cash from their day-to-day business operation but also to increase revenue as this terminal can work not only in a static environment ie on retailers’ counters, but also has the ability to be used as a mobile device by connecting it to a standard phone power bank.

The future is bright for Quests’ Donation Point Tap product range. The latest incarnation is being trialled right now in churches across Australia, giving parishioners the ability to support their church using a digital payment system integrated into a traditional collection plate.

Quest – Leading the way in enabling organisations to take advantage of the new cashless society.

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