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Eight reasons to become an FIA member

12 July 2022 at 7:00 am
Sally Shepherd, executive manager of membership and marketing at FIA, outlines what she sees as the benefits of joining the peak body.

Contributor | 12 July 2022 at 7:00 am


Eight reasons to become an FIA member
12 July 2022 at 7:00 am

Sally Shepherd, executive manager of membership and marketing at FIA, outlines what she sees as the benefits of joining the peak body.

One of my favourite sayings or concepts is “They came for the event and stayed for the community”. I think it represents membership at FIA so perfectly. 

Most people and organisations join professional associations or peak bodies to feel a sense of community, to meet new people, and find opportunities to grow personally and professionally. It’s our job to make this easy for them by providing opportunities to network, learn, and share meaningful conversations.  

Representing nearly 650 organisations and over 3,400 fundraisers – all dedicated to making the world a better place – is truly a privilege. Just as fundraisers are passionate about improving the world for people, animals and nature, so too are we dedicated to helping them operate in an ethical best-practice focused sector so they can thrive.

As the executive manager of membership and marketing at FIA, I have the honour of seeing our membership continue to grow year after year. We have been so encouraged by the response to the improvements to the membership structure last year, enabling more fundraisers to benefit from being involved with their peak body.

The larger our membership, the more code compliant companies, fundraisers and suppliers there are in the sector, the stronger our voice in advocating to government and the more fundraisers we can nurture throughout their career.

Trust is such an important factor in our sector, and it is vital that the public feel confident their donations are being solicited ethically, used efficiently, and reported on transparently. Every single member of FIA is asked to take the code training to be code compliant as a fundraiser or a fundraising organisation. Knowing our member organisations are guided by the code ensures a positive reputation and indicates strongly to donors that an organisation is driven by ethics and best practice.

Members have incredibly valuable experiences through networking, professional development, mentoring, event participation and much more. Here are eight reasons why we believe you need to be an FIA member.

1. Make sure you are known as a best-practice fundraiser

Whether as an individual or organisational FIA member, your membership signals to your donors, stakeholders and the broader community that you’re committed to ethical fundraising practice. Membership gives you the right to use the member logo on your collateral, so people know you abide by FIA’s self-regulatory Code and will do the right thing. 

FIA is constantly working on behalf of the fundraising sector to make your life easier – reducing red tape and ensuring that you get to keep speaking to the community that supports your mission. 

2. Helps you find that dream job

Listing your FIA membership on your resume is impressive and often important to current/future employers – it shows you’re dedicated to best practice and staying up to date in the fundraising profession. The sector is changing rapidly and being part of your professional organisation allows you to keep abreast of trends, developments, and new ways of working.

3. Gives you the opportunity to meet other best-practice professionals

FIA offers a rich variety of monthly networking events in each state and territory. You never know when you’ll meet your next boss or make a connection for your perfect job. You’ll also learn about some aspect of fundraising or just have fun with your peers and make new friends with similar interests. You can share ideas, ask for advice or volunteer to be a presenter.

4. Get some great fundraising ideas

FIA’s monthly events, member updates and annual conference have important educational components and share the latest case studies and information. Attending these professional events gives you access to new ideas, the latest developments in fundraising and best practice theory. 

5. Significant discounts to quality professional development courses

FIA offers members the chance to learn, consolidate or refresh their fundraising knowledge through core education programs, in-house training and one-day classes that focus on specific skills like storytelling, gifts in wills fundraising, copywriting and major gifts. 

6. Share your skills and passion through our national mentoring program

As an FIA member, you have free access to our reinvigorated mentoring program. So, if you’re a would-be mentee looking for guidance on how to rise up through the ranks or want to give back to the fundraising community as a mentor, membership makes this possible. Being part of the mentoring program enhances your network as a mentee while giving back is an excellent reward for mentors.

7. Handy resources at your fingertips

FIA also provides information on research, white papers and regulatory news (like our updated privacy guidelines) through our member portal. We also have a lending library and bookshop with a wealth of fundraising books written by experts in the field.

8. Learn new skills as an FIA volunteer

Like many membership organisations, FIA operates with a small staff and is heavily reliant on volunteers. If you want to expand your skillset in events, committee work or at board level, getting involved with FIA is an excellent strategy for professional growth and satisfaction.

Membership can be taken out at any time, but the full membership period commences 1 July. So, whether you want career information or advice, to network in the fundraising community, access to events or just have fun meeting new people, joining FIA is the right thing to do. 

Learn more about the benefits of membership or join at

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