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Empowering self-determination for First Nations people in the digital age

15 December 2023 at 9:00 am
Ed Krutsch
Jason-Urranndulla Davis' passion for sustaining culture through identity, has led him to adapt the ancient message stick technology that is more than 60,000 years old, for the modern-day.

Ed Krutsch | 15 December 2023 at 9:00 am


Empowering self-determination for First Nations people in the digital age
15 December 2023 at 9:00 am


Jason-Urranndulla Davis is the founder of Hold Access (WUNA) empowering digital self-determination for the under-documented. Qualified in Community Management; Global Auditing; BA in Justice Studies / Criminology; double major in Penology (study of the prisons) & Global Security and Intelligence; Post Grad Cert Admin/Community Management; a Master of Global Public Health. Jason-Urranndulla belongs to the Eastern Aranda, Kalkadoon, and Waanyi Nations.

Jason’s company Hold Access, represents the Diji-wallet, which holds diverse identification and skills capabilities shared instantly, anytime. The WUNA – Diji Wallet improves iD transactions with capabilities. Capable of delivering informed choices faster for the underserved and a smart way for companies to elevate diversity inclusion. For First Nations Australians, the Diji-wallet is setting the standard with accessibility to family lines, culture & heritage identification, tribal affiliations, sovereign data control, created to empower a digital identity for Mob to be used everywhere without losing opportunities because current ID systems do not understand Indigenous ID systems.

Jason-Urranndulla is in the second cohort of the Snow Entrepreneurs, a fellowships for social change program that supports nine visionary, social impact start-up leaders with $100-200k each in philanthropic funding from The Snow Foundation. Hold Access solves a complex national problem facing companies seeking to engage first nations people, and the under-documented everywhere. Jason-Urranndulla is this weeks Pro Bono Australia change maker, read on for our interview with him!


Describe your career trajectory and how you got to your current position.

My entire life has led to this point, in designing the first nation’s identity solution for my Mob capable of universal use when requiring verify Indigenous identity with capabilities.  My tertiary qualifications and a career stemming more than 30+ years working in Policy / Project Planning / and Program Evaluation has provided me with a deep understanding of the complexity of achieving true self-determination.  While for Organisations the risk is failing human rights and compliance conditions mandated for Indigenous identity. 

What does this role mean to you?

It’s my life mission to bring about digital self-determination through a meaningful ‘Deadly ID’ solution, founded on Australia’s ancient message stick knowledge.  We are setting a new standard in cultural safety which empowers organisations with communities to ultimately realign human rights to self-determination through our WUNA – Indigenous ID wallet solution. 

Take us through a typical day of work for you.

In the morning I’m up and making lunches for my daughters and dropping them to school.  In the office checking emails, working on marketing, product design, project management, governance, meetings, tech integration, etc – you name it, as a startup founder its essential to be on top of everything every-day!   For me it’s important to be resilient, utilising my 30+yrs industry knowledge and to integrate cultural safety.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve encountered in your career, and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge has been the reconstruct western systems to Indigenous.  This has meant re-educating the industries on the massive hole people are falling through daily.  Currently, we are seeing industries realising the cost inefficiency causing massive holes in a highly under-regulated industry.  For 75-90% of businesses, costs time, increases risk, and affects overall productivity. 

Alot of my work has been building an ecosystem to inform digital transitions with trust levels needed to improve uptake, data sovereignty and digital self-determination. 

If you could go back in time, what piece of advice would you give yourself as you first

Don’t wait for permission, just live and continue learning.

How do you unwind after work?

Workout in my garage and walk with a Podcast in my ear.

What was the last thing you watched, read or listened to?

Equalizer 3 – Movie

The Product Market Fit Show – Podcast

Ed Krutsch  |  @ProBonoNews

Ed Krutsch works part-time for Pro Bono Australia and is also an experienced youth organiser and advocate, he is currently the national director of the youth democracy organisation, Run For It.

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