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  • spiralling down says:

    For sole parents working part time, being changed to newstart means a lower earnings threshold of $62 per fortnight instead of $176 – a loss of $45.60 on top of the reduction in income support. Sole parents who study lose the $62 education supplement.

    I do both. I thought I was doing the right thing, but I will lose about $225 while having to pay $40 more in fares. This kick in the face is meant to encourage me to do what exactly?

    • Emm says:

      Yes, I am the same. Sole parent undertaking part-time work and study at the moment and will be financially worse off with this change. I am hoping when my degree is finished I will find a full-time job – I have been looking for one for six months now. I had a look at the details of the change and we can continue to get the PES supplement ($62) until our current degree is finished – at least that is something I suppose. I have been, and am, doing everything possible to find work, preferably full-time and secure…while I can only find part-time work I have opted to study a Master’s to improve my work prospects, however, this change (pushed onto Newstart) just makes me feel that the government has put a big fat boot on top of me restricting my progress and making me feel like I am completely worthless. Labor values my arse.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am in the exact same position spiralling down.

      As of July 2013, I will lose around the same amount. I currently study (University via distance education) and work (4 days/30 hours a week).

      These changes will force me into full-time work and I will probably cease my studies.

    • Anonymous says:

      I will lose around $200 a week. I am now looking for fulltime work and havent managed to get an interview. I am fufilling my centerlink duties, job network, bring up two children, working and doing voluntary work. What a disgusting way to treat mothers and their families. The childrens father pays $ 7 a week matinance. Plus there is no after school care available,of course I cant work nights or weekends. The dole is $160 per week below the poverty line. Where are we going to live? Someone on newstart has buckleys of getting social housing. I was told an 8 yr wait. Meanwhile the baby making bludgers will just go have more babies, get the baby bonus and more family assistance while the rest of us will pay the price.

    • mumof 2 says:

      Those parents (like us ) who are either working or studying will be far worse off. Meanwhile the bogans mothers who have never worked will just go and have more babies and recieve the baby bonus and more family assistance. I only reicieve $7 a week a week child support. The father gets more money than I do do sitting in the pub all day while living on disability. My social housing application was rejected as I am on newsart now. Basically we are been punished for doing the right thing and not continually having children while on welfare like others do! We dont have the options that other people have on newstart have ie: working anywhere any hours. I work casually now and newstart doesnt have income support like the parenting payment does. I have never been on the dole in my life. Since my son turned 7 I have to go to job network , centrelink interviews and actively look for work, so why less money? The government is making a huge mistake, this budget encourages the wrong type of people to have babies and punishes the ones who are trying their best. My son turns 8 in January we could very well be homeless. What needs to be said the losing of the parenting payment is not a punishment for parents who refuse to look for work, it will happen to us all regardless of whether you work, study, volunteer. What about the kids? No more footy for my two boys, they will now not have the influence of strong male role models and a sense of community. What about the children being born for the money and so that lazy parents dont have to work? what chance do they have. Shame on you government. You have a home, in six months time me and my two boys may not.

  • VLorente says:

    I’m a mature-aged single parent with a teenager studying a Grad-Cert (part-time) and on Newstart. I, like other single-mums have been trying to improve my employment chances. Looks like unless there’s a miracle, under this Government those like us will continue on a downward spiral. My Newstart (with rent assistance) is $650 per ft and my rent $600, we live off my teens’ Youth allowance. Sadly, real estate agents now have the right to evaluate your income against your rental capacity and if they deem your income falls below a certain amount (using the 1/3 rule) they CAN evict you -I’ve seen this happen. This has ramifications for those single-parents who are about to lose $120-225+ a ft. We already have a housing affordability and availability issue. I’m afraid there will be alot of single-mums (with younger and older children) on the streets – and my family will be one of them. This won’t look good for Australia. Maybe we should all go and vote for the Greens next election – they may be the only Polictical party that offers us any hope – re: Christine Milne was the only politician this morning to mention Single parents and those on Newstart.

    • mumof 2 says:

      Steven Jones is another good politician. Please go to the papers and tell your story on how badly this budget will effect you. I have tried politicians to no avail. I have also contacted charities. Good luck, this is our childrens future.

  • spiralling down says:

    For most of us, giving up our studies means giving up on ever earning a living wage.

    I hope we do all vote Green, I am myself a Green voter for some time, but somehow I doubt it.

    The most frightening thing about this budget is that if there was any chance labor could have avoided losing the next election, it’s gone now and we’ll be at the mercy of Tony Abbott.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m a single parent, worked my money after I pay bills, food etc, I will be left with $35.00 a week to live on lol.. So I have to tell my daughter she can no longer participate in playing sport, she’s not allowed to get sick, no clothes and the list goes on…

    It’s just not losing single parenting payments you’ll lose any discounts on electricty bills, rego etc, so I guess I won’t be left with $35.00..

    Trying to find work living in the country is a joke, let alone during school hours.. Or does swan expect me to let my 7 year old child walk 2.5 k’s to the bus stop on the New England Highway to catch a bus to school.

    I don’t want an increase, I’m happy with what I am getting now.

    I for one will never vote for labor again if this goes ahead, Greens you will now have my support. My heart goes out to all these single parents and kids who will suffer.

  • Anonymous says:

    Cannot see any mention of the single parents who have been on NS since 2006.


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