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Focus on South Australian Mature Age Workforce

Monday, 17th June 2013 at 10:11 am
Staff Reporter
Mature age workers were in the spotlight at a recent Corporate Champions breakfast held in Adelaide to promote the benefits of employing older workers.

Monday, 17th June 2013
at 10:11 am
Staff Reporter



Focus on South Australian Mature Age Workforce
Monday, 17th June 2013 at 10:11 am

Mature age workers were in the spotlight at a recent Corporate Champions breakfast held in Adelaide to promote the benefits of employing older workers.

Employment Participation Minister and Member for Adelaide Kate Ellis said the breakfast looked at the Government incentives available to recruit older workers.

“Corporate Champions really do ‘champion’ the employment of Australians aged 45 years and over,” she said.
“Research shows mature age workers save their employer $2,000 a year compared with their younger counterparts because they are more reliable and loyal and provide a greater return on investment.”

Ellis said there was a need for direct programs to support mature age workers in the [South Australian] region.
“We know that mature age job seekers in South Australia aged 55 and over are on average unemployed for a staggering 81 weeks – that’s over 18 months looking for work,” she said.

Member for Hindmarsh Steve Georganas said businesses who become Corporate Champions benefit from assistance including:

• Priority access to the Jobs Bonus of $1,000 available to 2,500 employers who recruit mature age job seekers each financial year until 2016.

• Up to $20,000 worth of services from an industry expert to help improve their workforce planning and recruitment strategies.

• Up to $4,400 per employer for a skills assessment and training through the Investing in Experience—Skills Recognition and Training program.

Ellis also hosted a Mature Age Employment Forum which saw a focus group, including jobseekers, job service providers, employers and mature age workforce specialists look at the barriers older people faced in the job market and the support available.

The forum focused on the recruitment and retention of mature age workers, as well as the barriers older people face when trying to break into the job market after a long period of unemployment.

The Corporate Champions program supports employers who commit to moving towards best practice in the recruitment and retention of mature-age staff (aged 45 years and over). Eligible employers receive tailored support and assistance valued up to $20,000 provided by an industry expert.


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  • Anonymous Anonymous says:

    I was at the breakfast and I’m afraid it’s way too little, way too late. Kate Ellis seems very nice but her Government has been exceptionally slow to move on the older worker initiative and its this lack of implementation that will see them kicked out on Sept 14.

    The Corporate Champions project has some good ideas in it but its too complex, too small and there is too much accent on diversity. An Abbott Government will change that.

    The Americans are coming with Encore which will be much more suited to the NGO sector.

  • Doug Jacquier says:

    I have attempted to contact the Corporate Champions program at DEEWR and the Minister's Office to discuss the potential for an Encore Fellowships program in Australia and to invite them to meet with Encore.org CEO, Marc Freedman, during his recent trip to Australia but have yet to receive a response from anyone in government circles. For those who do want to find out more (and there are many who have shown intense interest, including the Commonwealth Age Discrimination Commissioner), you can visit http://www.encore.org/learn/efn-australia and while there take a look around the great resources on the site.

    Doug Jacquier

    Network Developer, Encore fellowships Network, Australia

  • Clinton Clinton says:

    I read with interest the article from the Corporate Chapmions breakfast as i have been in contact with Kate Ellis’s office about being over 50 and unable to find employment for over 12 months.

    I do not quaify for Gov. Benefits so I get no assistace form centrelink to find a job. andthe ExpiriencePlus service is of very little help.

    I have been in an Executive postion for over 25 years in the fianance sector was a professional accountant and have worked in sales, i have numerious qualifiacations including a business degree….However recruitment agencies dont want to know you so how do companies find out about your expirience.

    I think i am very employable and i agree with rethroic but i still cant find a NFP to take me on at any level.

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