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Calls to extend coronavirus supplement to DSP recipients

24 March 2020 at 5:03 pm
Luke Michael
Advocates say people with disability need extra support to get through the COVID-19 pandemic

Luke Michael | 24 March 2020 at 5:03 pm


Calls to extend coronavirus supplement to DSP recipients
24 March 2020 at 5:03 pm

Advocates say people with disability need extra support to get through the COVID-19 pandemic

The Morrison government is being urged to extend its coronavirus supplement to the Disability Support Pension, after recipients were excluded from this latest stimulus measure.

This coronavirus supplement – a $550 fortnightly increase to unemployment payments for six months – will be paid to both new and existing recipients of the JobSeeker Payment, Youth Allowance Jobseeker, Parenting Payment, Farm Household Allowance and Special Benefit. 

On Monday night, the government agreed to extend the supplement to students and apprentices, but there was no reprieve for Disability Support Pension (DSP) recipients.

People on the DSP will instead be given two separate $750 payments over the coming months. 

People With Disability Australia CEO Jeff Smith said the coronavirus supplement was needed to keep people on the DSP safe and healthy.

“While we are very pleased to finally see an increase in JobSeeker Payments, which will benefit the many people with disability and chronic illness who are living in extreme poverty, we know that all people with disability are doing it tough in the current crisis,” Smith told Pro Bono News. 

“People with disability are overwhelmingly telling us how much they need this extra money to cope with this public health emergency. Many services we rely on are being closed or withdrawn, adding to the expenses we already face.”

PWDA is also calling for all mutual obligation requirements to be suspended, a halt to any expansion of the cashless welfare card, and an end to robodebt. 

The Australian Unemployed Workers Union and Youth Affairs Council Victoria (YACVic) are among the other organisations demanding DSP recipients are included in the coronavirus supplement.

YACVic CEO Katherine Ellis said young people with a disability needed extra relief.

“The disruption of support workers, services and supplies that are essential to their health and wellbeing means it is crucial that young disabled people have the means to access additional support,” Ellis said. 

The Greens have vowed to continue fighting for DSP recipients to be included, but Social Services Minister Anne Ruston indicated on Monday that the government had no plans to extend the payment.

However an amendment to stimulus legislation on Monday gives the minister the power to expand eligibility for the supplement any time over the next six months.

In the meantime, the coronavirus supplement means the JobSeeker Payment will temporarily be higher than the DSP.

But PWDA said DSP recipients considering changing to another jobseeker allowance should first seek advice around this, as they may not qualify to return to the DSP after the supplement is no longer available.

New NDIS measures 

Meanwhile, the government has announced extra measures to support National Disability Insurance Scheme recipients throughout the pandemic.

NDIS plans will be extended by up to 24 months, face-to-face planning will be mainly shifted to telephone meetings, and there will be a proactive outreach approach to high-risk participants and data sharing with states and territories to ensure continuity of support.

Providers will also be given financial assistance so they can keep employing their staff. 

NDIS Minister Stuart Robert said the government could and would make further changes as needed.

“We have been consulting with NDIS, disability and health stakeholders to understand what actions we need to take to minimise the impact that COVID-19 may have on people with disability, their families, and the network of providers and workers that support them,” Robert said.

“We have a concerted and responsive plan of action to ensure that people with disability can continue to receive the support they need, and that providers have what they need to continue delivering their essential services in these extraordinary circumstances.”

Luke Michael  |  Journalist  |  @luke_michael96

Luke Michael is a journalist at Pro Bono News covering the social sector.

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  • Andrew says:

    As a Disability receiver for many years and not working it has really angered me that this government has let us down we’re getting a had out of 750$ that money will be gone in 3 weeks on medication alone just for me. Now I agree giving the people who have lost their Job should get the new start at $550 but to extend it to existing job hunters is a joke.
    The Disability and Pensioners are the one who are doing it tough not the long term unemployed.
    So come on Morrison help us to get the burden of our backs.

    regards Andrew

    • klaus says:

      i think thats great just like the rudd goverment it should entile every one who is on dsp or jobstart should be increased to standard of living if you look at in germany there pensions due to population is around 3grand per month compared to us here in australia as the old saying is the rich get richer and the poor gets poorer

    • Debbie king says:

      DSP for under 21 is 411 a fortnight why arnt they in tilted to the 550 come on Scott Morrison this young people should be treated the same just because they have a disability the same as the older over 21 this people also need help Carers who do amazing jobs looking after there love ones they also need help if single parents are getting the 550 for taking care of their kids why aren’t Carers who take care of their children and love one

      • Cherrie says:

        I agree I’m a single parent looking after my 4yr old son with a disability on Carers payment and get nothing it’s so unfair we all miss out

        • Susan says:

          Yer I think it’s unfair aswell . We could b out there looking for a job or working . But our work is at home. I look after my 3 grandson n all of them have disability as a single grandparent . I work around the clock 24/7 . So y carnt we get the extra $550 on top of our payments .n with the corona virus our job is alot harder . Trying to keep our children / grandchildren safe.

        • Glenn Donnelly says:

          When do disability support pension get the next 750 COVID-19 supplement payment the date in July 2020

        • Ashley Burnes says:

          I agree I’m on desbilty finding it hard it’s so expensive to pay rent food the. Medical stuff as well and youth Students and job seekers are getting more then us desbilty p8 getting how come they can’t pay us as well the 550 extra shouldn’t sick people get all the help more it’s unbelievable

      • tracey says:

        yes i agree 100%

    • Christine says:

      I’d also like to know why we can’t take out 2 x $10,000 from our super as well. I now need to buy a few big ticket items to keep my joints moving now I can’t get out to do it

      • Jess says:

        You can apply for the 10,000 superannuation. I read a post where a person on DSP asked the ATO if he is on DSP and not working is he classes at unemployed. The ATO said yes you are unemployed if not working this meaning you can apply for the $10000 superannuation surrender. I would assume it’s the same for carers if you are a full time carer on government benefits also

    • Mary says:

      It beggars belief that in this day and age people can differentiate between those people unfortunate enough to a have been out of work long term , and those who are on disability if you cannot afford to live on disability. how do those who earn f400 a fortnight less than those on disability survive, surely the prejudice that is obviously felt by the Above comment could be tempered in this day and age. Those long term u employed deserve assistance, and always remember there are thousands of people in long term unemployment that are unable to work. But their disability may not be considered by the doctor they see on the day, to be as bad as it is. Truly I say to you there but for the grace of god go I

      • margaret fairbairn says:

        I too believe the dsp people & there carers should get the extra $550 a fortnight.A lot of carers are not able to work full time & work part time to make ends meet. A lot of carers have lost there jobs for the time this virus is around & there fore they should be entitled to it if all jobseekers are getting it for doing nothing

    • Sarah says:

      I totally agree Andrew

    • sue says:

      Funny I was sure I heard time an time again Morrison say everyone will be treated the same. no one will be better off than another
      I didn’t hear him say except dsp ppl
      So new start ppl / an everyone else get 8000 extra for 6 months we dsp ppl get 1500 for 6 months
      Yeah I can clearly see we are all being treated the same
      Be fair Morrison give us the 550 p/f extra too
      Don’t treat us differently
      We need him to hear us somehow
      I can see him loosing a he’ll of a lot of votes when the time comes
      An giving us 500 at voting time won’t change our votes an the way you have made us feel so unworthy an invisible
      Dont we deserve the same help as everyone else is getting

      • Christine says:

        Couldn’t have said it better myself

      • melissa says:

        so very true , I am on dsp but I am also a single mom . where is his logic to thinking that single mums only receive sole parent . wake up and look after all Australians .!!!!!

      • wendy says:

        I am a carer of my grandson and he is 8years old I just feel that they are the government and they say they treat everybody as fair im sorry but i feel that we are being discriminated against them because we are carers or on disability and were just lazy but that’s far from the truth I would like scott morrison to do our job for a month and im sure he will understand how hard we have it but that’s not going to happen is it we always get left behind and they don’t here our voice or care why don’t they just correct it without us having to have our say I feel we have to fight to get anything im not voting to keep scott morrison he won by chance that’s all

      • Dianne Whelan says:

        I agree sue, it’s really hard. I have a 30 yr old disabled son, and yes he received the $750 but with supermarkets increasing the price of essential items and food that extra money didn’t last long. Everyone is treated equal except the disabled and their carers.

        • Robyn says:

          I have 40 year old disabled son i care for, i am his carer and im struggling big time, why are we left out..especially as we are not on ndis..

      • Cheryl dawes says:

        It doesnt seem a very fair system its hard enough for those with a disabilty let alone the government treating them like they dont matter

      • Tanya Haywood says:

        Totally agree. I’m suggeling n my power bill is 400 buck.. in 12 years I’ve never been this far in dept n by the time carers get that same 750.. it’s to late. And we as carers have to b more particular about hygiene specaly if care for old n termaly ill. Every thing is twice as hard more is required to keep safe.. feed clean n healthy. My mama can not come with now to the shop. So I go twice as much. Coasting me double what it normally is. Y exclude the ones that need it just as much as people n youths. I’m just sinking deeper in dept. N as it goes my mental health is getting a shake down. N I’m starting to get depressed…. which does not help me care for my mama.who also is not getting any extra. Can not get any help from agency . Because of the amount of people applying. I’ve been turn again 3 different agents.

      • Ian Robinson says:

        I’m a DSP, just been diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 60, I need with food!! Don’t know where to start!!

    • Seriously!!! says:

      Wow. How can you say a DSP recipient is hard done by getting nearly$1000 f/n. Thousands of people on Newstart are physically and or mentally unfit to work, but dont meet the criteria for DSP, and are trying to survive on $560f/n. This applies to active job seekers desperate to gain employment and also trying to survive off this pitiful amount. It’s about time the underprivileged got a fair go. How awfull to suggest these people are a joke.

      • Phill says:

        You’re looking at this totally incorrectly and you haven’t included aged pensioners. It’s a joke the newstart recipients get 1100 per fortnight total whilst an age pensioner is getting around 800, why are pensioners getting 300 less per fortnight?. Even with DSP, why are they now on 150 less per fortnight than newstart in total. With the supplement, newstart people are now on more than DSP people.

      • Phill says:

        You’re looking at it incorrectly. Newstart total currently 1100 per fortnight, DSP 1000 per fortnight, why are DSP people now on 100 less per fortnight, not to mention aged pensioners who are on around 300 less per fortnight than newstart recipients now that newstart is 1100. Get the picture?

      • Phill says:

        Plus, You’ve got pensioner couple versus a jobseeker couple, you’re looking at $2,100 versus $1,400 a fortnight.

    • Brian Nicholls says:

      I am the same i am on a DSP pension and my medication alone if i pay for it is $260-00 ma week so i have to go without as i just cant pat for my medicines ti used to be on the free list but was taken off we dsp pensioners should get 550 dollars but again we are screwed.

    • Mara says:

      That is true i care for two peple @i get $125 per person work that out per day the goverment is worring about job seekers

    • Fran says:

      Well I’m on disability pension I still don’t understand why the others get $550 extra a fortnight and there’s some people who are on disability and they look for work regards if it’s for 5 hours or 15 hours why is it different to the pensioners why don’t they get the extra not everybody who’s been on new start I looking for work half of these people on new start never and didn’t look for work but they got award we’re getting 550 a week doing nothing and there is pensioners who do and try and get a job for the house Regent and they don’t get paid extra

    • LARRAINE Brand says:

      I totally agree, it’s just impossible. By the time you pay your rent and is going up an up. Electricity bill an gas etc. nothing left sometimes to buy food. So you go without.Food is so expensive. Really on the poverty line. Sometime you think it’s not worth living to go through this.Please Mr Morrison please help disability with more a fortnight. I know I certainly need it.

    • Tania says:

      Im with you on this Andrew i avoid shops and very low immune system but forced to go do tiny shops for basics and meds where as if i recieved the extra i be able to do a months worth keep me away from these places.. i also believe thoose already on newstart youth allowance should not be receiving the extra 550 this just giving them more to waist no incentive to find a job. they already getting the 530 frt why should they get a extra 550 making it more than the aged and disabilities. for no loss to them.

    • Tanya andrew says:

      I am upset myself but with rent assistance we get 1040 dollars people who are on unemployment that do the right thing it’s about time they got a rise I do not understand why you are finding it so hard to survive if the coronvirus never happened no one would be getting anything it took a horrible virus to wake the government up as far as unemployment and people with children stand I am angry only because 750 was never going to get our country on there feet one country gave 5000 and they are back on top again this really isn’t about money it’s about getting rid of the virus I will add yes I am behind in rent cause of all of this but I have to keep battling on

    • Sally ball says:

      I have tried to get some of my super but because I’m on dsp I have to pay 21% tax on it how is this fare

    • Joseph Gemayel says:

      People working 8 hours a week are receiving job keeper allowance of $1500 a fortnight and pensioners that can’t work get work receive $00000
      What a joke

    • Maree Fleeton says:

      I’m have been on the disability pension since I was 24 years old I’m 36 now my dad pays half of the rent now he only gets 250 a week so I have to pay more money
      And that’s going to leave me broke
      I was paying 320 a fortnight and now I’m gonna have to pay 480
      And I only get 800 a fortnight
      I buy food that’s 100 I pay electricity that’s 150 a month and my medication that’s 80 dollars
      Then I get a recharge card 40 dollars
      And I pay for wifi
      That’s 40 a month to so see where I’m coming from I cannot afford this

  • Marita Pearce says:

    People on disability always miss out why are we treated differently to others so unfair

      • Sammy Jane says:

        Still a bit confused about the whole stimulus package.
        Obviously a tragic situation for all.
        So I am on a Disability Pension and I have a part-time job.
        So what will I be getting paid.!!
        Just so I can be prepared
        Thank you..

    • John says:

      Im on disability pensoin and the truth is our goverment think we are a burdon on there system and not worth saving they can’t say this in public but it’s so abvious when they prime minister morrison and even labour leader hasn’t once mentioned the disabled people and how we are more vunrable with heath issues already making lots of us at high to extreme risk of death from covid19 virus. Morrison allways saying we need help our most vunriable and we all need to sacrifice then makes the most sacrifice the most how does this work ? We don’t wasn’t want more than others from the goverment in there stimulus to survive this financial and medical crisis bu but how about the same as other welfare users are given

    • Anna says:

      What happens to your super when no contributions are made.. fees are taken out especially when the stock has dropped. I think anyone who will be unemployed for a long time should be allowed to claim their super before they lose more money.

  • says:

    How can we help lobby the Gov to be equal to those whom are receiving much needed financial support due to this unstoppable covic19.
    Does the Gov not understand we disabled people have struggled not only financialy , mentally, phisicaly , emotionally prior to the epic of c19.
    We’ve struggled for years, n our issues are NOT going away after the c19 clears up, we still WILL have our disabilities way after the world returns to normal ,so come on how can we make Mr Morrioson n his team Pay Us DSP the eqivilant to jobseekers.

    so we to can pay our bills, buy food n not have to put products back on shelfs as we try to budget, allow us to NOT become more depressed due to our disabilities , be financialy supported . Y should we miss out, how can we force the Gov hand to make changes for DSP ASAP.

    • Casey says:

      Here’s what the increase over 6 months ACTUALLY looks like, over 6 months, the difference between the ‘always higher than Newstart DSP’, plus the $1500 bonus to DSP recipients brings it to $5,038.80 more than the standard Newstart, and Newstart with the $550 increase plus the bonus $750 brings it to $7,350 -so Newstart recipients will be getting an extra $2,311.20 over 6 months.. So I definitely think DSP recipients should get another 1 off bonus of $2,311.20 (or that amount divide by 12, per fortnight as part of their regular payments over 6 months), but not the $550 per fortnight. This way, everyone gets the same bonus over 6 months. That would be the only fair way to do it. But don’t forget, before and after the 6 months, DSP recipients will be getting $294.90 MORE than jobseekers.. This is probably the reason they thought it ‘fair’ to give jobseekers a boost, even if only temporarily..

      • TRACEY MCSHANE says:




      • Miranda says:

        That’s what I was kinda thinking. Something like that would be perfect

    • Lisa says:

      I agree!! Make it fair!! Please?!?!?!

  • Helen says:

    The people who do my house care package have requested $8 per hour for shopping. It would take a couple of hours a fortnight, so $16 for someone to buy my groceries. Everything has gone up in price. It will be difficult to survive, the supplement could have made things easier. $750 x 2 will not go that far.

  • Kathy Spencer says:

    I get less than $1,075 a fortnight on the DSP so am I eligible for the coronavirus supplement of $550 fortnite

  • Naomi Yates says:

    Scott Morrison your coronavirus stimulus package is an absolute joke. I’m not saying people who have recently lost there jobs don’t deserve financial assistance BUT they are not the only one’s who do. Think about those who are on a disability payment, the cost involved with that and your slap in the face economic payment of $750. We are struggling too and your acknowledgment of that and your financial assistance should also extend to those already doing it tough on disability..

  • Brian MacDonald says:

    I’m on a dsp and it puzzles me why we are left behind as I compare my fortnightly payments with newstart and after all expenditures newstart have always been left with more disposable income than me. For example a friend of mine after all expenditures is left with $580 and I’m left with $450 and I’ve not paid for my medications yet. Australia is supposed to be the lucky country. Could someone please follow this up for all of us. Regards Brian Macdonald

    • Casey says:

      You can’t compare ‘after expenditures’ though, I’m on Newstart AND get maximum rent assistance, but after paying just my rent alone ($460 per fortnight) I’m left with $252 a fortnight! That’s before paying for internet, phone, food, medication, electricity bills etc. Also, to get into public housing in a reasonable time frame you need to have some sort of barrier (eg, disability or currently homeless etc -even then you still have to go on a waiting list but it’s a lot quicker -for anyone else who doesn’t qualify to jump the queue it’s more than a 25 year waiting list. I have various ongoing medical conditions, but don’t quite qualify for the DSP just yet. They keep making it more difficult to get, about 42% of Newstart recipients once would have been accepted onto the DSP, but not now -so almost half of us are dealing with the same barriers but with less money AND having to pay expensive private rent.

      • Monika says:

        Dear casey why on earth do you think that dsp people get housing so easily, most council houses are full of families with 2 new cars and at least one person working thats around here we also had a politician living in a council house, thats whats wrong with the system, and if you do get housing its generally in the roughest areas where a disabled person cannot protect themselves, if you really cant work ,move to the country where rent is cheaper and you can get fruit picking i did this while ill and had kids ,collect cans deliver pamphlets or study you can do this from home and you will get more money and there are many free courses eg intro to uni studies, i also dont know where you got the idea it was easier for dsp to get on the dsp if you are that unable to work or study you still get on it i had to be at least 75% disabled and it had to be permanent,maybe see a different doctor, if you are not totally disabled you have one thing i will never have that that is hope, so dont assume we dont pay private rent or that as teens and a single parent we didnt work our asses off to buy a house and then have to sell because we got very ill and couldnt afford it, that would be like me saying all newstart are bludgers, i know that is not true, so dont make assumptions as to how dsp have it, i would leave hospital at 2pm and be at a job by 3pm, i paid taxes for years despite being ill and so sore i could barely walkbeing teased for being mental having crohns, fibromyalgia i kept trying to work until my body packed up and i pay alot more rent then you. I wish you only good finds and Hope your life gets easier

    • Daniel cousens says:

      Im on newstart i pay my rent food power and bills and im left with $100 and your complaining about being left with$450
      Take my payment for 6 months see how you last..
      I think everyone should receive the extra $550 pf but your comment is under one persons life not the thousands of others on newstart
      Wake up…

  • Jodi says:

    I am a single parent on DSP. I have 2 children, one is also disabled and I am also her carer. We are the only group of parents on benefits that are not eligible for the $550 coronavirus payment. My expenses have already gone up a lot because my disabled daughter suffers extreme anxiety (so bad she is unable to attend mainstream schooling). We have been having to consult with her Psychiatrist twice a week since all this Corona Virus media started. She has been put on a new medication that is not on the PBS but we are not entitled? My immune system is suppressed so I have had to cancel all our carers because I cannot afford to risk my health and having people come into our house was making my daughter more anxious. I am also now trying to do home schooling without the support of our workers. We are having to order our groceries online which is turning out more expensive then having our carers grab groceries for us like I used to. Our kids deserve the same as all other children. All single parents on Centrelink are receiving this $550 except people on DSP and carers. Our kids matter too.

    • Lisa says:

      I’m in the same situation basically, I have 3 kids and am extremely sick suffering the extra costs. Not only are we mothers like people on parenting payment but we’re sick parents mostly doing it allot harder! This just isn’t fair we miss out when we are in the same parenting boat as them, but with extra worries too 🙁

    • Amy says:

      I’m the same as you , on a disability pension, and a single parent to 4 children ,I’m on Chemotherapy tablets and autoimmune injections so I’ve been self isolating and home schooling all my children , it’s affected all our lives in every way, financially, emotionally and I’ve extreme anxiety , I’m spending more money on shopping as well and more cleaning products and hand sanitizers to keep my kids and I safe , just so sad that we have Been left out of this package as well. So unfair don’t our children matter scott Morrison !!!

    • Tyme says:

      Actually all parenting payments including partnered.. I was told i will be receiving the supplement myself on ppp..

  • Mark Lambert says:

    That’s so not fair, Scomo pull your finger out. As a dsp receiver, i can tell you 1st hand its hard as it is, let alone with this corana going on. Tell me (& ill wait).. what would you do.. being disabled, secluded anyways then to be further forced into that seclusion. Therapy costs along with the medication bills alone are all run on a very fine line, then for that to be multiplied or put in to shortage is very distressing. All this is said too with no hope of most not being able to afford bulk buying & go without..
    Come walk with or ride in our wheelchairs.. try our shoes on Scomo.. come see our fears that we face with a flu epidemic directed more so towards us.. That’s right.. yes WE the WEAK
    I’ll wait Scotty

    • Ryan King says:

      It is unbelievable us dsp recipients are left out, when we are struggling, how are we meant to feel when we are from what I can tell the only Centrelink payment not qualifying for stimulus package except ages pensioners …… it leaves me feeling like being disabled is put at the bottom of the list in society just what we need …. hopefully government sees this is an error and includes us …. still time and they have the power with new legislation passed ! I’m Hopeful ……

  • Mick says:

    The disabled miss out again

    • J says:

      Absolutely agree with everyone.
      Being on my own, having to deal with ongoing bills, meds, Dr’s payments and a limited, unshelved food items, + issues as to why I am now on a DSP, it appears it is grossly unfair that we only get x2 payments of $750.
      I still have NOT received the first promised installment & now Newstart recipients, I do feel for those losing their jobs due to the virus situation), getting more than our allocated share, fortnightly amount. Well only having REAL access to shops during 7 -8 am is a joke inclusive !

  • Carol says:

    Some parents are on DSP instead of parenting payment or job seekers payment as we have disabilities. I’m a single mum of 4 with multiple disabilities and health issues, I would rather work if I could but it’s not possible to work full time (or even get someone to give me a job with my back issues as well as being a carer). I’m also a full time carer to my kids with disabilities/health issues. Not to mention it’s still my responsibility to cover most of the cost of my 19yo sons medical and living costs as youth allowance dependent is not much at all.
    Us on DSP have higher costs already for medical needs ect, then add the fact of the ones like me that are also parents (especially to kids/teens with disabilities or health issues) we have even more expenses and responsibilities then most on parenting or Newstart.

  • Bridget Cameron says:

    The Morrison Government base this heartless and immoral decision because people who are with a disability apparently don’t work or pay taxes or contribute to the economy! What a joke! Many people with disabilities do work and lots of that work is behind the scenes, unpacking boxes, doing the night shift, in sheltered workshops, or otherwise assisting in the disability sector and broader economy. They paint, they pick up rubbish from parks, they laugh, they have children, they struggle like everyone else, and many do pay their taxes and all have to buy things in the marketplace like everyone else. Those that do not work are often incapable through no fault of their own, and many are discrimated against in the workplace, just as the government have done with this very unAustralian decision! Many people with disablilities volunteer their services across the welfare/arts sector because they do want to make a contribution and they do matter! Do those in power have no heart, nor conscience, just wallets? Just look at the fact and don’t discount people with disabilities, because they count! And, most importantly it often costs more to live with a disability, extra costs in transport, delivering food and extra support services across the board! It is time for the government to be accountable for this decision and to live up to its own anti-discrimination act! Not happy Scott! Your privilege is showing!

    • Mathew H says:

      Well everything you buy with your dsp payment has gst so you pay a lot of taxes even if you never work. On top of that you spend your money in shops which helps support the shop keepers.

  • Tim says:

    My brother and I are both house bound, when the supermarket delivery services were cut off we did not have enough food in the house to last although we have now received our first delivery from woolworths it was not complete and prices have risen. In the interim we were forced to order home delivered food from local restaurants using Menulog this was outrageously expensive as you can imagine but it was either that or starve. If prices continue rise and supermarket stocks continue to be limited the increase in our expenses will be disastrous we do not want to be forced to rely on charity we both had long working careers and paid our taxes we don’t understand why the Morrison Government has left us, among the most vulnerable to the virus, without the financial support to stay safe during this emergency while supporting so many others that were already on social security before the emergency.

  • Bridget Cameron says:

    The Morrison Government base this heartless and immoral decision because people who are with a disability apparently don’t work or pay taxes or contribute to the economy! What a joke! Many people with disabilities do work and lots of that work is behind the scenes, unpacking boxes, doing the night shift, in sheltered workshops, or otherwise assisting in the disability sector and broader economy. They paint, they pick up rubbish from parks, they laugh, they have children, they struggle like everyone else, and many do pay their taxes and all have to buy things in the marketplace like everyone else. Those that do not work are often incapable through no fault of their own, and many are discrimated against in the workplace, just as the government have done with this very unAustralian decision! Many people with disablilities volunteer their services across the welfare/arts sector because they do want to make a contribution and they do matter! Do those in power have no heart, nor conscience, just wallets? Just look at the fact and don’t discount people with disabilities, because they count! And, most importantly it often costs more to live with a disability, extra costs in transport, delivering food and extra support services across the board! It is time for the government to be accountable for this decision and to live up to its own anti-discrimination act! Not happy Scott! Your privilege is showing!

  • Lee says:

    I’ve never understood why the dsp payment is so low as we have been recognised that we are permanently unable to work and generate our own income yet we get the same amount as someone looking for work or studying, which is a temporary situation for them, we are unable to work for the rest of our live so we have no super to back up on, I think people on a dsp should get at least a payment that is equal to a minimum wage. It’s an outrage that we are once again being left behind, we need the Coronavirus $550 supplement as much as everyone else

    • Mathew H says:

      Its not that we are permanently unable to work, its that we are permanently disabled which effects our quality of life and effects our ability to work. I am on dsp but still try to work. Full time employment is impossible for me though atm.

  • Tracey Cotelli says:

    Signing up for the newsletter

  • Miz says:

    So a parent on parenting payment with even only one child will receive the $550 I myself on dsp with 4 will receive only the $750 one offs
    This is so heart breaking my kids are going to be going without

  • Nicole Waechter says:

    I’m on DSP and I have a 13yr old but only initiated to the $750

  • Stephen says:

    I don’t understand. I am on a disability pension and work part time about 15 hours per week. I am also a full-time single parent. I am surprised that those on a parenting payment will get a significant increase while DSP remains the same. One of my friends who also works part time is on a single parent payment in the exact same circumstance I am In. She is working 15 hours a week with a child and received a parenting payment and now get the increase. We are currently in the same circumstances as each other but she will get more simply because of the type of payment she is on. Doesn’t make sense. My cost of schooling and food electricity and rent etc. is the same as what hers is yet simply because she’s on a parenting payment she will be better off now.

    • Sab says:

      Im the same a single parent on a dsp and I too work 3 days a week. Soon we might be put off and I’m worried about I’m going to survive. I have depression and other issues too. I ask my self the same thing too

  • Stephen says:

    Surely there is a way to hold the government accountable? Can we not launch a class action on grounds of discrimination?

    • Damien says:

      We could, we need someone well enough to start one and a legal firm to offer their services… If my mental health wasn’t so bad ATM I’d do it myself but it can be done although our courts are corrupt

  • Jack says:

    Hello name is jack and I also recieve the dsp ever since my head on car accident it left me a messed up person mentally and physically. I also have a son and I was tearing up reading these comments what is the government thinking extra for people who can work but not for us people who can’t support themselves .I don’t know what to say but we are Australian and we are the ones that need the most help i! Please mr mo extend the support for us on the dsp we are left to always do it the hard way no matter the circumstances!

  • Nicole says:

    Why is it that the DSP I get less than $650 in my hand a fortnight and I have to pay for medication petrol food living expenses everything and I am probably left it about $35 for the whole fortnite how the hell are we left out of this again why are we in a different we are worse off $750 will not last long I mean another $750 6 months later will not last long and we haven’t even got yet I’ve gotta wait until the end of April why

  • Liz says:

    My son, being my carer, had to stop working at Woolworths where he has worked for the past 4 years, as i have an autoimmune disease and we needed to minimise my exposure. He is also a Uni student. Our household has lost income due to his ceasing work with no help. After today’s announcement of increasing the income threshold for partners to be able to claim Centrelink, i know of a family of 4, hubby who works, wife who has not worked in 20 years, but can now claim Centrelink and their 2 children on Newstart living at home, who will now be $2,200/fortnight better off with no loss of wages or job. Surely this is not what the payments are intended for, and as a country we will be spending billions on similar circumstances. Please, help where help is needed.

  • Kim wells says:

    My wife looks after me and she receives carers and disability,i can not go outside due to my uncontrolled diabetes type 2 , epilepsy (grand mal ) we can not afford the medication.
    this is the bit i do not understand though,why is no one speaking to the people that make these decisions about dsp,carers, and so on eg Morrison.
    also the money side of it is a joke for us 1500 dollars compared to a fortnightly payment of 550 on top of what they get,just do the same for dsp as newstart get because they get the first 750 as well,also my mental health is shot being cramped up in the house, Unable to get my medication or see my doctor because he does not bulkbill.
    i will leave with myself saying one thing people on dsp ,carers, and so are voters to morrison.

  • Kim says:

    My partner, believes that those of us who are on DSP because we are not old age but are affected by our medical conditions but are of working age feel we should be given the opportunity to purchase housing with aprox. 50% of the property’s value being paid for by the government within approx. 10 years we would of paid approx the money we have borrowed back. The equity in the property by that stage should be equal to enter into the 2nd stage process to start paying back the government’s amount/part at the same of the original mortgage the government’s original price/investment cost. Then we can pay it back with installments and still own our own properties
    We will be then contributing to the economy for almost 20 yrs with a lot more money invested and not just receiving $1500 only in one 6-12 month period and still be able to live the great Australian dream and owning our own property.

  • Mathew H says:

    I’m on dsp. I had to take out $1000 loan through zippay ($1000 worth of woolworths vouchers payed using zippay) Because I could not buy my normal cheap woolworths brand food because everyone had taken and hoarded the cheaper stuff. Instead of getting food delivered once a fortnight I am having to go into the supermarkets multiple times a day. How much my groceries cost has more then tripled and because of the higher costs for everything I had to get a loan through zippay. I will be paying back $40 to zip for a long time, more money I just dont have. I’m screwed. I appreciate a 750 pay but my groceries have gone from 300 dollars a fortnight to nearly $1000. I’m spending way more on petrol, I have a carer and they are spending more money. I see people long time unemployed before the virus get an extra $550 every pay, I am going to get 2 pays of 750. I just don’t understand this?

  • says:

    Good evening all,
    To start straight off the bat,
    Instead of a $300 increase for long term unemployed you give an extra $150 for them and another $150 for DSP pension per week. Then subsequently give the $300 extra to newly unemployed. It’s pretty simple.

    It is quite a simple strategy that the government must employ and it could have helped everyone. The people who have been unemployed long term don’t get a huge increase on their fortnight payment (only the most recent ones who lost their jobs from the virus should get the double payment).
    It keeps everyone and everyone in a good position to pay bills, medications, groceries etc.
    What I find soul destroying is that the government must believe that people on DSP want to be on it or have been on it all their lives.
    I’m on it after severely injuring my back 3 years ago and I’m 35.
    It causes chronic pain that is unbearable without drugs, hydro pools therapy and Physio. I’ve had all my surgeries cancelled which brings greater stress and greater costs of meds as I need more. in addition it will mean I need to have more counselling and need psychiatrists (I can not afford them with the government mental health care plans as some simply will not recognise them and still charge full price) and because the NDIS is a (no) first organisation and only 10% of people on the DSP get it I was knocked back.

    Does he not believe some of us were in high paying jobs before our misfortune and we gave huge amounts of subsequent tax to the benefit of this country.
    That alone shows everybody the horrible misconception that disabled people are a drain on the economy, simply so biased. I would love to have a day free of pain and not wanting for all this to end.

    I can say in the face of adversity Scott Morrison has tried his best. He did horribly with the fires and floods and is clearly a wingman not a leader, but with the help of his treasurer and the cabinet in general the fact still remains that if a simple punter like me can propose a very fair deal why can‘t the so called big wigs do it too.

    Please let me know what you think


  • Linda Wadey says:

    I am a 63 year old DSP with my husband as my carer. I have been on the pension since 2009. My medicals would horrify you, I spent the best part of 15 years in and out of hospital with one year alone spending 199 nights at RPA. We actually lost our pensions at one time because Social Security could not work out how my husband could care for me alone. After 3 months and much heartache thy admitted we were in the right but said we had brought it to their attention too late. A case of too sad too bad. How come we get forgotten yet again in this funding. I get that the money only goes so far but shouldn’t it be fairer than this. I cannot get NDIS because I am not suffering from metal health isssues, just isolation chronic pain, a bag hanging off my side and no guts. Not my fault. I didn’t choose to be a waste of space, it was horrific medical mistakes that wrote me off and took our superannuation, financial future and feeling of success and being something useful in society, yet we still get punished. Who will help us???? Somebody please listen to the elephant in the room. We need this travesty fixed.

  • Peter Warner says:

    Yes I agree us disability pension are missing out like always and we are doing it tough as groceries are getting expensive now and I need my medication.

  • Dimity Macpherson says:

    I’m a 39 yr old mum of 7 kids under 20yrs. my youngest is 6yr old living with me. Now have room home school my child. Y is it that’s parenting payment receive’s this extra yet I’m in same boat just waiting for an operation again. hearing aids etc. no car no child same support as dvo. foods gone up rent has increased everything I have no car. yet we have to home school get pc or tablet. What the hell is wrong with our government. parting payment’s etc laughing & we r crying. It’s so damn wrong & unfair they can’t work cause baby yet we can’t work cause disability. I get no ndis. no mobility allowance no extra then parenting payments. go figure

  • Joanne says:

    What can we do about it.?

  • Robyn leicester says:

    All pensioners should have got the same as the jobseekers for 6 months as well

  • Donna says:

    I agree with all other comments. I am on dsp and hardly get by as it is. With medications costing me a fortune and now shopping prices and delivery, it’s all too much. I think it’s a joke that newstart participants get this extra 550 and we miss out. I have so many more expenses being on dsp, i think all dsp should be getting something extra.

  • Deb says:

    This is STILL an issue —- Why aren’t the government even addressing the issue? Are we not even worth acknowledging? Are we not entitled to know WHY we have been left out of the $550 increase? How is this ok?
    At the least we should be able to hear answers – the silence is deafening in its indifference

  • Rosie says:

    I’m on the DSP and I only get $652 a fortnight.
    Thank you Mr Morrison for pretty much saying that we are not a member of society and we don’t need the extra help for the covid-19 as usual kicked of the curb and discriminated absolutely discussed in our government who don’t make it fare for every Australian

  • Jag says:

    It seems the disabled between 16 and 21 who get less than unemployed, have been forgotten altogether

  • Kerrie says:

    Some people on a disability pension still work. My son does and we report to Centrelink each fortnight, he only works 10 hours per week so I don’t understand why he doesn’t get it considering he has now lost his job 🙁

  • nick says:

    hi all I was wondering if there was a group trying to support the DSP and carers getting coronavirus supplement i am not saying Newstart and jobseekers should not get it but I think all centre link payment types should be equal in times of Crysis all Centrelink people on benefits have family food and bills i myself look after and disabled child 24/7 yes I have a ndis plan but ndis does not pay for everything

  • James kowski says:

    We would have been better with Kevin Rudd running our country Scott Morrison has no idea what he is doing. He has done nothing really to help people on DSP or Carer pensions. He needs to stand down and let someone that actually knows what there doing.
    Christ Pauline Hanson would be better then this stoodge

  • Glenn Jones says:

    I am a 63 year old professional on the DSP subsequent to a car accident 12 years ago. I try to work and have in the past picked up contract positions however these have dried up. I am trying to resurrect my consultancy that was working prior to getting contract work. Because of the DSP, I can’t get the supplement. Because my consultancy was not making an income 12 months ago, I am not eligible for jobkeeper. I am due for surgery in 10 days. I desperately need money to get the business going again but there just isn’t any.
    Is anybody going to lobby Scott Morrison on our behalf and keep us up to date? I live in hope……but that doesn’t pay the bills.

  • Courtney Clelland says:

    To whom it may concern. How is 2×$750. In anyway satisfactory for a dissabled person to sevive in this incredibly stressful and horrific time. We should be granted the $550 a fortnight for a 6 month period also. It makes no sense. We are struggling so much. No support worker’s to assist us and then a big slap in the face. We pay for medication, travel, rent, water, gas, electric must I go on. We have familys. 6 children in mine. Come on Australia we need a raise in our fortnightly pension which goes back in to the economy. Help us please priminister. I’m sad that New start receive more the the people stuck in there homes with a disability. Shame. I’m proud of you Scott Morrison and I’m confident you will rectify this situation.

  • Courtney says:

    Please please please please priminister help us Australia’s with disabilities. Our expenses out weight our payment. Please do the right thing. I have faith you will see the bigger picture.

  • simon butler says:

    Oh the ad on tv ‘we are all in this together’ well its great in theory but the reality isnt true in the slightest i think its a shameful ad and it needs to be stopped cause its totally incorrect as the old saying goes ‘the rich get richer the poor get the picture’ Id be interested to see some of those who are in that advertizement trying to live on a pension like many are including myself the tv ad really should say ‘We Arent In This Together At All I Know It They Know It’

  • Patrick Mallows says:

    We have once again been assigned to the very bottom of the human pile. With numbers too few to inflict any real electoral damage, we now find ourselves, to be the first casualties in this country’s pre-emptive move toward “natural selection”. Whilst the masses remain distracted with their 30 pieces of silver we slowly loose our voice. I am a 49 year old Disability Support Pensioner, sole parent of 3 children [ the youngest over 8] and a part time student at UWA. Whilst I am very grateful for the 2 $750 payments, I fail to understand why we, the disabled and single parents, have been singled out. We have been left to navigate a failed NDIS and to once again take our rightful place as the expendables. To be equally assisted and protected as all of the other vulnerable members of our society could very well mean the difference between life and death. Or was that your intention? Once again we remain the invisible and forgotten. I implore you to reconsider our fate, allow us our dignity and treat us all as equals. In the most trying time since WWII, it appears the Government may have already chosen their cannon fodder.

  • Lissa says:

    I’m a single parent who’s main payments a carea with ain’t much more then a parenting payment and then FTB there’s 5 of to feed we’re not included in the extra $550 sup

    • June Piggott says:

      Sorry but it looks like disabled people are not going to get anymore help , everyone seems to have given up trying ,, for working 24/7 it’s a pathetic wage

  • Marisa Tennant says:

    It’s so unfair! I’m a single parent to my 3 children. One of which I’m a carer for. Why are carers and those with disabilities left out of this extra $550. We have the same needs plus more and are being penalised. We should be treated equal. It’s already a struggle and now it’s just a slap in the face

  • Melissa Boyington says:

    I am on disability and I struggle wth it every day I’m not coping wth this virus I just got out of hospital it unfair we don’t get the extra 550 per fortnight

  • leonard girling says:

    hi, I am on a dsp, and have c.o.p.d, emphysema, asthma, plus other medical conditions, I have a 5 month old baby, plus a wife who receives no center link payments what so ever, due to scomos changes in immigration laws concerning people getting granted permanent residence after June 2019, anyone granted permanent residence after June 2019 get nothing and have to wait 4 years for any form off payment, people who where fortunately granted permanent residence before June 2019 are allowed to get all or any Centre link benefit, I am now receiving just my disability pension, and have to support my wife and 5 month old baby for past 6 months, since she had to stop her part time job due to having a baby, plus she worked up to being 8 months pregnant. and now not entitled to parent payment allowance, due to the new changes, and now scomo has decided to leave us disability pensioners behind, what a disgrace this prime minister is, and he should stand down, as he obviously does not really care about people on disability pensions, and left us out off the stimulus package, his pay packet and pay rise and holidays is more important to him, than the sick and aged, stand down scomo, your an uncaring jerk, and should not be running our country. your an embarrassment to our country, and a very greedy selfish uncaring human being,.

  • Justin Ritchie says:

    Please be fair scomo

  • Annette says:

    Hi I’m a carer for 12 years f or 5 different people 2 have passed away from illness I wished they saw being a carer as a job because because it is. A lot of times ive given money to the personer I care for because the dissability pension is simply not enough so I go without. In the covid19 pandemic we have to go without A lot more of the basic things because they are unavailable or the prices have risen and we can’t afford it now . As a carer my age and heath is catching up with me if I get sick who will look after them. Please Mr PM Scot Morrson have a heart we need help .

  • Talia Campbell says:

    I want to no why the people on the disability pension are not getting a raise like everyone else is because of the Cora19

  • Monika says:

    The dss gov website states’the department understands that people with disibility, their carers and families maybe PARTICULARY affected by coronavirus’ yet when it comes to the coronavirus apparently we are not affected, my carer has a husband who brings home $640 so her top up ,only one partner eligible rate, $210 a week as a full time carer, she now has to srgregate me from her husband and run and sterilise between the two of us, i auto immune illness along with everything else, she had to give up her parttime job as my patents are in isolation and cannot care for me is while she work, if she put me in a nursing home and watch netflix all day she would get 550 a week, threshould for her husband would be $30,000 more than carers and tapered at lot lower rate, if the gov paid for a carer to care me while she went to work that would cost them anywhere from $40 to $130 an hr my carer gets $1.25 an hour, only 10% of dsp get ndis yet gov throwing money to ndis, what about the rest of us, look i greatful to get dsp many countries dont but carers are underpaid if i go to nursing home or hospital that cost the gov thoussnds, maybe thats what all carers do is leave us on gov house door step and say we had enough you deal with it, what woyuld gov do then, or do what rich and selfish do put us all in nursinghomes, maybe they want us all to do die and carers to starve, i have learnt one main thing during coronavirus carers are being treat like sh_t after all are they not frontliners for the disablef


  • Anon says:

    I am on DSP. I am also on FTB Part A and B and have children at home. I am a single mum. My children are now isolated with me 24/7, which means no school. My food bill has almost doubled due to rising cost of living since COVID19 and my children being home all the time. The $750 I received barely covered outstanding bills and food for two weeks. I am worried about my electricity bill with the increase of power use in the home since the kids will be home all the time now. I have more anxiety now than ever about this and how this is going to affect me and my family. I don’t know why my son who lives on his own and has been unemployed now for several years is given $550 extra, and parents who are on single parenting payment get the extra, but I can’t because I am on DSP. My situation is exactly the same as parenting payment but that counts for nothing. Very scary times.

  • Sam says:

    Your all talk no action this business, where trying to help people on disability, you have been trying for years and nothing has happened, people no longer believe in this government or the words of Mr Morrison, people on disability need to all come together go to parliament and get Mr Morrison to here our words, us disability people need the extra money to servive.This whole government of ours are all full of liers, we are trying to help disability people you haven’t done one thing for us but talk, we the disability people of Australia want to see your actions not your words as your words mean nothing just like all lies this government has said from past to future words

  • Marlene says:

    The hole think is a bif confusing. I get just over $700 a fourtnight in my hand as i am on DSP. Yes we nag be left out of a lot of things but remember we grt a lot of medical free, (maby not everyone ) we also get an advanced payment twice a year. No one else gets that, I don’t agree with some of the government’s decisions, as many. At least we are getting something.

  • John Findlay says:

    It is hard enough living on the DSP and now people who were layed off are to get basically twice newstart which is alot more than we receive and they probably have holidays and sick days to claim.I find it very hard to live on the dsp and now it costs more due to getting transport and shopping etc.
    I think DSP people should be given at least as much as newstart people.You try and live on DSP, it’s not easy.

  • Renny Goonerage says:

    How dare you politicians leave out the DSP people & grant DOUBLE SALARY to jobseekers… we DSP people live on around $15 per day after our expenses and now with this we are even worse off …your own pensions are 6 GRAND a fortnight …how do you justify us living like this give a dog a bone existence?!?

    You should
    Be ashamed
    & you will meet your judgement in the end

  • Melissa campbell says:

    Comment I agree I’m on DSP but I also have a 1 and a 2 year old on my own and have done since birth full time I receive family tax benefit also but I don’t receive this extra payment because I chose to stay on disability instead of single parent payment why should I miss out I don’t get it.

  • SingleCarerMum says:

    Ilm a single Parent Carer for my 12yr old autistic son, I’m not entitled to it yet his father who lives with his working wife and claims newstart and only pays $35 a month child support is entitled to it. How is that fair? My son needs a new Ipad to do his speech therapy and schooling online, the second hand one I bought him is so old the apps wont download on it..if I had the extra $550 I could buy him one. He cant go to the OT facility to get his OT he needs but if I got the extra, I could buy him a trampoline. This pandemic has affected us too but just because Im on a carer payment instead of a parenting payment, im not entitled. Its not fair and needs to be looked into.

  • Liz says:

    If people are not satisfied with a government’s action, they need to get together and find a way to represent themselves and their rights to the government, because governments under-represent certain voters, usually from low economic backgrounds, such as people with disabilities and age pensioners. Come together and make your voice heard. In my opinion, this is the only solution. Please someone who has the ability to make petitions and organise meetings between politicians and representatives of disability and age pension. We need to be organised and work together towards a better future for people in need. Let us work together and claim our rights.

  • Kelly says:

    I can’t say I’m surprised the DSP, aged, and carer pensions are excluded from the coronavirus supplement. ScoMo has said (of the Robodebt fiasco) that the government doesn’t have a duty of care to the Australian people, and has a proven disdain for welfare recipients. You are the elected leader! If the Prime Minister and the government don’t have a duty of care to Australians then who does? When DSP recipients are tempted to change payments, to Jobseeker because they need access to the supplement payment to survive the increased costs during a pandemic, shouldn’t that tell the government something is deeply wrong with the stimulus package as it stands? So ScoMo is on the news tonight saying the coronavirus supplement won’t be paid for the full 6 months as promised, now it’s reduced to 5 months. This won’t be the last time assistance is clawed back, mark my word!. ScoMo is still desperately clinging to his deluded fantasy of a surplus! Let’s re-open Australian businesses asap so we can cut the promised stimulus and get on with the business of delivering an imaginary surplus on the backs of millions of people on welfare recipients who were already skipping meals, facing rental stress, the possibility of homelessness and forced into poverty due to substandard and dangerously low rates of welfare payments BEFORE the coronavirus pandemic. This is discrimination, plain and simple, maybe a class-action lawsuit and royal commission will shine a light bright enough on this issue that the government will be forced to act.

    • says:







  • Rebecca Wallace says:

    I am a 45yr old female & live alone. DSP covers my (low) rent, bills & weekly products required for my disabilities. It doesn’t quite cover all my meds so I do without what I hope is the least vital. I’ve zero left for food. That goes on credit. I’m grateful for the $750 supp as it went towards the credit bill but I’m still in debt & still using it for food. Ironically Ive had Anorexia Nervosa for 24yrs & constantly fight for recovery but I’m chronically ill. Struggling to buy food is especially dangerous to my mental & physical well-being. As a result of AN & CPTSD I now have kidney, heart & metabolic disorders; epilepsy, incontinence, xerosis, depression, anxiety, an auto-immune joint condition, osteoporosis, arthritis, immunodeficiency & require several mobility aids on bad days when I can’t walk. Living alone during COVID has been difficult & food is costing even more. I’m staying positive & finding ways to manage at home & keeping myself occupied but I’m terrified. I’m tired of hospitals & don’t want to go in again. They are exhausted enough right now anyway. People on DSP need the fortnightly supplement to survive. I’m don’t ask for anything else. I stay emotionally healthy & accountable by accessing my GP, psychotherapist & OT over video weekly, speak with my mother & friends & want to be as independent as possible. I only ask for the needs we humans need to survive & thrive.

  • mathew clarkson says:

    As a person on disability and didn’t really get excepted to I was 20 had Incident when I 13 For the two last year NDIS and life without barriers has not done anything to help me with my disability and it seems like no one wants to help I just want them to do what they say they gonna do instead of beating around the bush

  • says:


  • Kelly says:

    I don’t understand why the Government acknowledges some welfare recipients need extra assistance during covid-19 but not others. All Centrelink customers live in poverty. Newstart definitely was criminally substandard, but let’s not pretend anyone on Centrelink payments is living it up.

  • Linda J says:

    I’m a cancer survivor with CKD as well. My medications aren’t optional and like everything have increased in price. We Disabled folks struggle at the best of times but in my experience, this hardship is unprecedented. PLEASE pay us the $550 a fortnight as well, I for one, am in dire straits. Thank you.

  • Debbie says:

    shame on the government, why don’t DSP and carers receive the same payments as job seekers etc. our costs and responsibilities haven’t changed.

  • Karen Garland says:


  • Sue Pedersen says:

    The government is treating us as second class citizens. Every other person in australia has benefited, but apparently ppl on dsp carers and old age pension do not have a right, we have voices that just fall deaf to their ears . Are we beneath everyone else? Please explain why we were ignored.

  • Dimity K Macpherson says:

    I’m a single mum on dsp with 6yr old & miss out to. Why do the mums that were never working get it but leave out the rest of us. I it doesn’t make sense to me. My x got it & he just got out of jail no intention of getting job & been in & out of jail last 10yrs & his gf got it to. They got free rent, yet my rent went up in housing & No extra help from any1. I had carpal tunnel surgery last yr & no car, no ndis. Totally unfair to every1. At least I wouldn’t have wasted it, but I we all have bills & things we need. I don’t get child support or anything. We all have cost’s which for any ppe was ridiculous prices & food I haven’t seen any specials. Everything has gone up. I don’t get y we miss out. Give to mums who aren’t or were not working, yet not carers or dsp parents or aged with kids or pensioners that need delivery etc or cabs. I have probs forgotten few things but it’s wrong. Not helping every1 the same way!

  • Pauline Eddy says:

    Is there anyone in government reading these emails of help.i hear feel everyone cry help.i was placed on dps 58 worked all mylife diagnosed mazzive medical bills to pay from $421 week with that I got say drop medication or pay home loan without thinking of agility bills rates $30 also juggling into – negative. Taken part super pay medical saving I had gone paying bills.why are we not valued the same rest Australians boost of it dps till virus be God sent to Al us dps.who advocating for dps extra payments.$750 that’s gone paying gas bill power no luxury.yet I neighbour next door 7them nine worked all in DHHS home all 7 getting jobseeker yet never look work 24yrs I lived here.i loved to have my job back if illness wasn’t life threating .will Morrison considerate it NO we silent no one hears us

  • Pauline Eddy says:

    I’m drowning in medical bills agility bills home loan live alone have no family.i pray every night that I hear government give dps ppl even extra $100 in our pension it be like willing tattslotto hugs help.every day I sink further further down to point I ask myself is this life for me now this not life or living.really it much easier for me to walk away end it all.$400 week dps it’s hard after working all mylife 58yrs it’s been hard year nothing to get up for anymore in mornings.why won’t government just givd us small increase will be huge support.$750 so grateful to see that this week pay house payment has bill left me with $5 it felt good just pay that has bill house payment.anyone know if government will increase our DSP or help with another payment soon.thankyou for $750

  • Sue Pedersen says:

    Dear mr scomo,
    Just an eye opener here for u.
    I just searched the Aust bureau of statistics.
    Here’s how it reads for us that u overlooked.
    There are
    24.7 million of elderly ppl in Australia
    2.7 million carers
    4.4 million dsp recipients in Australia
    Since u forgot, overlooked, or just didn’t think our lives were worth living ,compared to everyone else, most of us if not all will likely forget about u when it comes to ur votes.
    Mr scomo.

  • Juanita says:

    More than half of those long term unemployed you mention Andrew are disabled just like you but have been locked out of the pension, and forced to survive on much less money than that you think is inadequate for years.
    The supplement has been a welcome relief as for once we have not had to go begging for food and can actually replace clothes that are way past their use by date and completely worn out.

  • Julie says:

    Please help us Mr. Morrison, I’m on Disability Support Pension, and with the covid situation, I have no money left, after medication, bills and rent. An extra $550 would help tremendously.

  • Angie says:

    I’m a single parent of an 11 yr old on a DSP, the home I’m renting has been sold and we have to vacate. There are hardly any rentals around and when there are rent is too high for my low income. Tried to get a loan but a cheap house but no corporation will loan to someone on DSP as income is high enough to make repayments. So now got 4 weeks to find over $1,000 for bond plus two weeks in advance, trailer hire costs, petrol costs and trying moving everything on my own. And that’s if I can get a house……..

  • Andy says:

    I live in a supported residential service (srs) and pay nearly $800 a fortnight just for rent and after rent I’ve only got like a $100 left for spending and eat a plate of baked beans and a slice of bread every night. We need that extra money coronavirus supplement bad. We’re living like caged dogs in here we’re not allowed out to do our shopping. We don’t have our own home and be able to go out whenever we want unlike ‘normal’ people.

    • Pauline says:

      Hi Andy, does your SRF not cover food? Your accommodation is only meant to be 25% of your DSP. People on DSP need that extra boost! I hope things get better for you! Please check if you are paying the right rent! I am only paying $560 & that inc has and electricricity

  • Pauline says:

    I was born with disabilities that worsened as I got older. I completed Yr 11 high school & got ha,f way through year 12, when I started having serious problems with my eyes! I Lost almost all of the sight in my left eye. I had already had 13 surgeries and a corneal transplant, nothing worked. 10 years ago after a form of cancer was detected I Lost the eye, & one wear a prothsesis! I was born with spinal deformities which worsened as I got older! I was determined to fulfill my dreams & become a childcare worker! In the late 80’s I got my Cert 3 in community services, went on to get my Cert 4 in Child Care studies, & worked in childcare for many years. My disabilities got too severe.I hope you are reading this Mr Morrisson! I went on to get my Cert 1 in retail Law, in between all this I was in & out of hospital. I had so many health problems & was in & out of hospital so much & in so much pain, I would cry myself to sleep every night at what my life was & had become & was yet to be, nothing but a pile of shattered dreams. By now I had, had a total of 40 surgeries, on my eye,(about 15 all up) having things like tonsils, appendix out, Gall bladder out, several operations to remove small lesions that had grown raapidly on my skin a terrible condition called Neurofibromatosis! A tumour from off the back of my skull, 6 spinal surgeries, the last one causing paraplegia. I also studied further & have my Cert 1 in Cafe & Barista Service, Cert 1 in Environment & Sustainability. Last year I fought for my life after breaking my collarbone & contracting Rhuematoid Arthritic Sepsis, it swept through my body like an Avalanche on My Everest! I was very ill, it took a total of 6 surgeries & 4 months in hospital before I could get home. Now we are here, I have been given an eviction Notice, I have 6 weeks to find suitable accomodation. BUT, because of the high cost of living, the lack of resources, the fact MY NDIS Plan was stuffed up, & the state govt won’t fund single units to be built, cos they want all people with disabilties to live together, despite what the people with disabilities want. Which brings me to what people who have disabilities want! We want to be treated as equals. We want to be heard, treated with respect & understanding!
    Do you know Mr Morrisson what it is like as a person with disabilities that I can’t just go on a normal holiday? I have to pay for the carers travel & accommodation? That $550, sure would help(companion card doesn’t always cover it) I can’t just go to a theatre production, it costs me double? Things that I need in everyday life that make my life easier cost a lot of money & are not covered by NDIS,Mr Morrisson. My carer busted my vacuum cleaner the other day, but she also lost the receipt for it!(3months old) Who is going to replace that? It is the 6th vacuum cleaner I have bought in 5 years! I know it carelessness. But…you bowed so easily to those after you about those on the dole, but when the aged, carers & people with disabilities, were mentioned, your blank expression said it all!
    The rest of my life is a lady that is totally blind in one eye, slowly losing the sight in the other, as another legsion has been found, depressed & paraplegic, who will probably live well below the poverty line under a Liberal Govt that simply does not care, wether she lives or dies.
    SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE, & it’s either gotta be a heart & mind or a CHANGE OF GOVT.

  • Sam says:

    Just like to say some job seekers can’t get disability benefits but also too unwell to work. How can anyone live on 550 a fortnight. And why suddenly give double the rate knowing that it was never enough.
    I want to work but can’t find a job I can keep in my condition but it’s not enough for disability benefits.
    Guess people will always find a way to live but push people too far and it might be you who suffers.

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