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Managing a professional profile on social media

26 August 2022 at 11:57 am
What does business casual on social media look like?

Contributor | 26 August 2022 at 11:57 am


Managing a professional profile on social media
26 August 2022 at 11:57 am

What does business casual on social media look like?

Nowadays, most people are on some form of social media; most commonly, several platforms. But when it comes to your work profile or professional standing, to share or not to share… that is the question. And the answer is multifold. 

Because what you share on your locked Facebook profile – on which you’ve only connected with friends – might be very different to what you share with your connections on your LinkedIn profile, which recruiters might assess before putting you forward for roles. 

The trick here is to consider who is the audience and tailor content appropriately. But to never forget that if it’s online, assume it could be seen by anyone and everyone, no matter how tight your privacy settings. Anyone, even people you thought were your friends, can screenshot and disseminate your content. 

Having said that, for profiles that you know are public, it’s worth considering a “business casual” approach. In the dresscode sense, business casual is being dressed for business, but having a more relaxed approach than historically would be the case. For instance, wearing a button down cotton shirt, but ditching the tie. So how does this apply to social media? 

It means making your content accessible, but always holding it up against how a potential employer would assess it. People on social media want to feel proximity to the people they’re connecting with. That means being authentic and real. But that doesn’t mean giving away too much. 

For instance, you might choose not to cross into the truly personal. For instance, on an open Twitter profile, a parent might talk about the challenges of parenting and working simultaneously, even sharing the odd funny meme, but not actually show the names or faces of their children, saving that for friends and family.

Or it could be the way you speak; the language you use on social media might be less formal and more accessible, but you steer clear of some of the more colourful swears. 

It’s possible to leave super buttoned formality at the door when you’re interacting on social media and still ensure your posts don’t come back to bite you.


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