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Is your not for profit keeping up with these benchmarks?

2 November 2022 at 2:54 pm
A new report sheds light on how the charitable sector is currently tracking.

Contributor | 2 November 2022 at 2:54 pm


Is your not for profit keeping up with these benchmarks?
2 November 2022 at 2:54 pm

A new report sheds light on how the charitable sector is currently tracking.

Blackbaud’s latest benchmark report – The Status of ANZ Fundraising Report 2022 provides data-driven insights into Australia and New Zealand’s current philanthropic landscape.

The survey on which the report is based saw over 100 nonprofit professionals answer a number of questions on topics including income trends and fundraising targets, digital transformation and collaboration.

Read on to discover some of the report’s key findings and get a sense of how your organisation’s performance compares.

Key finding 1: A third of organisations reported an increase in fundraising revenue

According to the report, despite years of exceptional challenges, the Australian and New Zealand charitable sector has been strong and resilient.

Many organisations reported increased revenue, exceeded fundraising targets, and are optimistic about future performance. However at the same time, a third weren’t sure of their year-on-year fundraising performance. 

The Status of ANZ Fundraising Report 2022 delves into some of the factors that are driving these divergent outcomes, providing helpful insights for organisations to pinpoint areas of both strength and potential in their own performance.

Key finding 2: Current revenue is fuelled by unstable sources

As nonprofits modelled tenacity to support their missions in the face of unprecedented headwinds, their supporters responded with a notable increase in exceptional (one-time) gifts. 

The report shows that while this generosity is inspiring and greatly valued, it is also variable and unpredictable. It also highlights some data-based recommendations designed to help organisations as they seek more sustainable and reliable giving behaviours from their donors.

Key finding 3: More than a third get most out of their technology 

Despite acknowledging the value of technology in improving supporter relationships, only a fraction of employees feel like these tools are maximised. 

Blackbaud senior solutions engineer Marc Roy explains: “When we look at what organisations are telling us about technology – it’s so reassuring to see that there is widespread agreement in the benefits of tech. The majority are fully aware that investing in the right technology can truly enhance their organisation’s success. 

“However, it is definitely concerning to see that only a third of organisations are getting the most out of their technology. There could be many reasons for this – perhaps time constraints and other priorities are preventing organisations from taking on the training and learning to truly get to grips with their systems.”

The report takes a deeper look at how organisations are using technology, and offers some helpful insights for organisations looking to get more out of their technology investments.

Key finding 4: Relationships are still at the heart of success

Almost half of all charity professionals surveyed believe that retaining and recruiting fundraising talent is one of the top challenges the sector will face over the next three years.

The report uncovers effective solutions for recognising and rewarding internal talent, while building meaningful donor relationships – all with the goal of lifting sustainable revenue and furthering each organisation’s mission.

Discover more key findings and insights 

The Status of ANZ Fundraising Report provides a comprehensive view of fundraising in 2022 and offers a unique opportunity for nonprofits looking to benchmark their performance and find ways to grow in the year ahead.

As Ashley Thompson, director at Blackbaud Institute says: “while, for most organisations, the road ahead may feel shaky given the current economic uncertainty, the path forward doesn’t have to be.”

Download your copy today to find out more.

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